Monday, June 3, 2013

My strategies

In order to help deal with the unnecessary anxiety this intervention has put on me, I have implemented some strategies.

Man technology is awesome!

I set up a bunch of calendar events on my phone. Now, several times a day I will be reminded that the worst thing that could happen is Dude & Dolly end up in Dallas. Yes, that would totally suck. And yes, I would grieve!! But like Mama Foster said in response to my last post, it's already the plan and has been for two years now. I have to keep this all in perspective!

I also made an event to remind me that I am free. This is all my choice and if it got horrible, I can walk away. (I won't. But I have the freedom to.) Reminding myself that this is a choice helps me keep things in perspective...especially since I then remember that the worst case scenario is that Dude and Dolly will leave. (Again – that would be perfectly awful. But I know my core family would survive.)

I even went out and bought the Newsboys song "I Am Free". I set an alarm to go off on my phone once a day that will play the song.

The last event I added to my calendar reminds to to stop and take a deep breath. When I exhale I will blow out all the anxiety and worry.

It's not like I'm living in a constant state of fear and anxiety. But it's not like I'm living a totally "normal" life either. Anything I can do to help cut down on the stress is helpful. Thank you all for your support!!


Amanda said...

These are great ideas. I always have anxiety re: court, and I'm not nearly as involved as you guys are becoming. I'll have to try the calendar reminders.

Annie said...

It is quite strange how something can begin as an idea, even though other plans had been made....but the new possibility takes over and becomes URGENT. You feel you won't be able to live if this new thing doesn't occur....and yet, you can remember being perfectly happy before the possibility came into being. I guess every one of our adopted children started this way.