Thursday, June 20, 2013


Only because I posted all those pictures of my house the other day....
I figured I'd show you what it looks like now.

I spent an entire day swapping kids and their things around.

Dolly now has a room all to herself. By CPS "law" she would have had to have moved before her birthday in September anyway. I knew it would be better to deal with the discomfort of change this summer as opposed to right after school starts.
Of course nothing can go too smoothly. Within one day of moving the kitchen into Dolly's room, Bart threw a hissy fit exclaiming that HE wanted to play with the kitchen now and it's totally unfair that it's in Dolly's room. Rather than try to convince him that it had been at least six months since he had even touched the kitchen, I promptly moved it back into the shared playroom and the dollhouse was moved into Dolly's room. (Of course he went to play with something else immediately. He just wanted that power. The kitchen will be going back in Dolly's room soon.)

Bart has since calmed down about the whole room switch. Out of all the kids he took it the worst. The darling cherub honestly thought he should get a room all to himself. Instead, he's now sharing with TT and Dude. It's "The Boys' Room". Dude told me we needed to make a sign that says "no girls allowed". (I'm pretty sure that line was fed to him by an older brother!) Dude's favorite part of having the older boys move in to the room is the pictures on the wall. He thinks that is awesome!!

The way the house rules are set up now, Dude is no longer allowed to play in his bedroom. I thought long and hard about this but decided that it is necessary to give TT and Bart some privacy still. They are older and they have "big kid" toys that Dude isn't supposed to touch anyway. I moved Dude's toys (the ones that are just his) out to an exclusive shelf in the playroom. He knows he is to sleep in his bedroom and play in the playroom. He's OK with this and all the kids know they aren't allowed to mess with his toys unless they ask first.
The first night after the switch was a rough one! Dolly was scared. She's such a little pleaser though. She just curled up in her bed and went to sleep. I comforted her as much as I could and then I just had to leave her be. She wasn't crying or anything but I could tell she was upset.

Dude was still awake an hour after his bedtime when TT and Bart came upstairs to go to bed. He settled down OK after they got tucked in.

This is how TT and Bart coped.
The next morning, ALL the cherubs were up early! It was a long day and Dude and Dolly had the pleasure of taking a nap as a result.

Everyone has adjusted pretty well now though. TT and Bart like having more space to play in their room.

Dude and Dolly have transitioned fine. And, amazingly enough, TT is sleeping through the night for the first time in almost over a year. (I think it's more due to the meds I've got him taking than the room switch.) I'm glad I got this done at the beginning of the summer. It's been an interesting thing to watch though. Change isn't easy -- even safe, relatively simple stuff like this.

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kate said...

Change is never, ever, ever easy when you have an early start filled with trauma and neglect. My little one can now articulate--and tells me often--that she doesn't like any changes. This includes rearranging furniture, new shoes, and other things that one might expect to be, at best, innocuous. So glad the bedroom switch went well!