Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Telling time

For the past couple weeks Dolly has been enjoying reading numbers everywhere she goes. All day long she announces (out loud...after first making sure she has my attention) the numbers she sees on clocks and things around her. Honestly, it got to the point where I had to tell her to stop saying it out loud.

Last night though I decided to harness these powers for good.

You see, Dolly (like it seems every single one of my children) is having a bit of a challenge switching in to summer mode. Everyone has been a little bit "off" lately. I know that some of this is because we are facing a trauma-versary smack dab in the face. June 15, 2011 is when the cherubs came in to Care. And June 22, 2012 is when our worlds were turned completely on end because of the investigation.
  • Dude has been incredibly whiny! He's been "stick poking" just about everyone.
  • Dolly has been on edge. She can't seem to keep her hands off of Dude. She's much more subtle but she's not as relaxed as normal.
  • Bart has been particularly defiant. And violent. I've had to be hyper-vigilant (which is exhausting by the way) to keep things from getting out of control. Yesterday just about wore me out!
  • TT, believe it or not, seems to be handling the switch best of all younger ones.
  • Herman doesn't care. He's just thrilled beyond thrilled that he's finally ungrounded. (For those that know his saga, yes...he managed to pass every single one of his 10th grade classes. He didn't deserve it. But he passed. He might even end up with a B in his AP English class even though he failed almost every single test. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate NCLB?!)
The other thing Dolly has been having problems with is sleep. (I swear, trauma seems to attack sleep first!!) Praise God she is going to bed without issue. But, she started waking up entirely too early. And when she wakes up, she has been immediately waking Dude up too.

The first thing I did was address (many times) that she is NOT to wake anyone else up. That failed miserably.

So last night I harnessed her new found love of numbers for good. I told Dolly to look at her clock in her bedroom. If the first number is a "six", she is to go back to sleep. She can't get up until it's a "seven".

It's 7:28AM and both the littlest cherubs are still asleep!!!
Whoo Hoo!!


Annie said...

Clever mama!

Msmoozy said...

You know that my sons 2nd grade teacher said that this time of year is hard on everyone! She has been teaching for 12 years and every one of her kids are acting out in school and she sees it every year! Kind of gives me hope that we are not backsliding to much right now. ~augh~