Saturday, June 22, 2013

The long-awaited haircut

Last night, as I prepped her again for today's events, I told Dolly, "Later, if you decide you want long hair again you can have it. Your hair will keep growing and you can grow it out if you want. It won't have to be short forever."

Dolly got mad! She honestly thought that once she got this blasted haircut that her hair would just stop growing and it would be short forever.

Today was wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a nicer spa. Dolly was fully pampered. It was JUST the experience I wanted for Dolly. I wanted everyone to tell her how beautiful she is. I wanted it to be special. I couldn't have asked for more!!


Annie said...

So glad it was a lovely experience! Though, I have to say I envy her that long hair. Worst thing I ever did in my life was cut my long hair. :(

Heliotrope Tree House said...

Awwwwh, she is just sooo beautiful. Seeing how long and thick her hair was made me tear up. I can only imagine how uncomfortable and hot that must be in the summer and in the bath. Well, I love the cut and it looks like it was a wonderful day for her. PS: I'm still waiting for my first little baby boy to come to our home from the NICU. I can hardly wait to hold him. Keep us in your prayers, please. Blessings, Cynthia

MamaFoster said...


Carrie said...

Looks like a wonderful day! So happy for you both!

kate said...

It does look like a wonderful day! How great that you found that spa.

I like shorter hair on little girls. My daughter's hovers between her chin and her shoulders. It only gets that long so we can put it up for dance!

I like shorter hair on me, too.

So, hooray!!!

I hope she's happy with it.

Where did you end up for lunch?

kate said...

Oooo--headbands! Did you go buy a sparkly new headband today? :>

CherubMamma said...

We ended up at Olive Garden for lunch. I was happy to upgrade from fast food. Dolly barely touched her spaghetti but she did eat all her broccoli (with ranch).

I didn't buy her a sparkly headband yet. She's got a TON of hair do-dads. And she INSISTED that she was going to wear her hair DOWN today!!

I figure if she does wear some of her headbands that she has now, I'll certainly increase her collection. After buying almost only boy stuff forever, I'm having fun with the girl side of things.

abrianna said...

I understand completely why you got it cut. My blessings hair was about the same length as Dollys before I cut hers to the upper third of her back.

And heir hair is curly and possibly thicker than Dollys. Sometimes it would take me three hours to comb out and braid. I finally told my blessing this summer that I physically can not do three hours anymore.

She does wish it was a bit longer but as long as she does not want to work combing it out, then this is how it will be. And it is long enough to still braid and put up in a bun.

kate said...

Ah, I see. I thought her hair before might have been too long to wear with just a headband.

So glad she's enjoying what my daughter calls, "PLAIN hair." when she just wants it wild and free.

CherubMamma said...

Her hair WAS too long to wear with just a headband before. When she wore one she'd put it on with a ponytail.

For church today she had her hair in a headband. Then she came home and took that off. Then she had me pull the top up in a small pony. Then she took that out.

She keeps bouncing all over shaking her hair. Absolutely no "buyer's remorse" yet!!

kate said...

It's so great!

We have the doll hairstyle book from AG. DD will ask to have her dolls' hair styled from that book...and occasionally her own!

If there wasn't any initial remorse, I doubt there will be. She must feel so FREE.

abrianna said...

Her antics with her new do are very cute!

When my blessings hair was long, I had to bobby pin the headband so it would stay in place. The weight of the hair would pull it out.

Now I can french braid her hair!

Momma T said...

I love it! It looks so good on her too! My daughters all oohed and ahhed over it too. :)

Now that she can wear it down, maybe she can use hair accessories that work for not pulled up hair? If you have a Dollar Tree down there, we found some bobby pins with colored hair extensions. There were 5-6 different colors on a card. That would give you a chance to buy girly stuff and her a chance to do fun things with her new 'do.