Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Pumpkin

Pumpkin turned eight years old today. I remember her first birthday with us when she turned six. We must have sung "Happy Birthday" one hundred times that day. Each time we sang it she just smiled and smiled.

I didn't get to celebrate with Pumpkin when she turned seven last year. It was the Summer From Hell and my foster kids were in emergency respite care due to a bogus investigation.

And this summer, well, Pumpkin's aunt and uncle have ceased communication. I'm totally OK with that. I knew we would part ways eventually. I understand. Pumpkin was in my life for a season. It's OK for her to move on. Pumpkin can't communicate with me and maintaining a relationship would not only be awkward but it would be incredibly difficult. Aunt L and Uncle M don't "need" me either.

But days like today make me smile. I'm glad I have good memories of Pumpkin. I sent Aunt L a text letting her know I'm thinking of them and Pumpkin.

I'm not sure I'll hear back though. I know they are done keeping me in the loop. They didn't even tell me when Pumpkin's bio mom passed away not too long ago. I heard that (somewhat "illegally" I'm sure) from the lawyer that stood in for Dude and Dolly's GAL at our last court hearing. The lawyer also shared with me that Pumpkin's bio dad is possibly in the picture now. He's a Mexican national and from everything I had ever heard, he wanted nothing to do with Pumpkin...ever. I have no idea why the State is doing anything with him now. All I can do is pray that Pumpkin can be quickly freed for adoption and that she can have full permanency with her new family! They all deserve that so badly.

Happy Birthday Pumpkin! I hope I get to hear about a Happy Adoption Day soon!
God Bless You!

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