Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm a wreck!

I'm freaking out!!

#1 My lawyer left a message on the phone I asked her not to call on (thus I got a message instead of actually speaking to her). It seems that even though the judge was very clear in making sure everyone would be able to attend court on Monday -- OUR lawyer decided to start her vacation instead. She's going to have someone stand in for her. I didn't get the message until after she left the office so I can't talk to anyone about it.

#2 I was told this hearing was ONLY to go over therapy notes. Ms. Colorado said something to the effect that it is now a placement hearing as well. I guess there might be a chance the State could try to move the cherubs to Dallas again!

#3 The State has a visit scheduled for the cherubs in Dallas NEXT weekend.

My heart is racing. My weekend is shot. I'm going to have to do everything in my power to not worry excessively. I wish this was over!


Msmoozy said...

Hun hang in there, I know this back and forth is sickening for sure! I am sure you feel like creaming right about now, or cry. Maybe take a good cry, take a deep breath and say you will NOT let this ruin your whole weekend, you can worry about all of this on Monday. Well I know that is easier said then done. LOL ~Hugs~

Mitzy said...

Oh no! I'll be praying for you and especially on Monday.

Annie said...

Good heavens. I'd be beside myself with rage. How DARE she? That is just beyond the pale. I can simply hope that she knows this will be a non-event.