Saturday, July 13, 2013

Me and the motorcycle helmet

Mr. Amazing likes to ride his motorcycle. He had wanted one for years and when gas prices soared to nearly $4 a gallon several years back, we worked a motorcycle into our budget. He got a nice 250 to learn on and it's what he used to commute to work. He enjoyed it and it saved us money.

As he became a more experienced rider, he wanted to upgrade. Eventually, we worked that into our budget as well. He purchased a really nice 950 that actually seated two. Here in Texas we both became members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association as well. Mr. Amazing is vice-president of our local chapter. I don't ride but I've always promised Mr. Amazing that I would learn to ride as soon as my life simplified. We hung on to the 250 for that exact purpose.

When we decided to officially intervene it solidified the fact that my schedule would be...less than simple. We sold the bike to add to our savings for this legal fight.

I want to hang on to every single penny right now. Mr. Amazing does as well. But...there was this scheduled CMA ride and he really, really, really wanted to go. At first I totally agreed. All we'd have to do is get a babysitter. But then I realized that I would need a helmet and I nearly choked. I couldn't justify spending the money right now.

My marriage is incredibly important to me. I really wrestled with how this should be handled. Do I buy a helmet for this one date and choke on the cost of the date? Or do I look at this as an investment in my marriage and know that it brings him joy and I did make a promise?

I'll be honest. I avoided it all together.

Until yesterday.

Daphne (the world's greatest next door neighbor) came over in the afternoon. She popped in not too long after I completely broke down about our lawyer saying she's not going to be at court on Monday. We chatted. It was nice. Then she looked at me and asked, "So...where are you and Mr. Amazing going on your date tonight?"

I just gave her a deer in the headlight sort of look.

Then she said, "Or tomorrow? But guys should go out."

I looked over at Mr. Amazing and said, "Do you want to go on the ride?"

He just grinned.

It was sealed. We would go.

That meant I had to go out this morning and buy a motorcycle helmet. Mr. Amazing got on his phone and messaged his friends about where the best place to shop. I was given the address and I ran over. Simple enough, the exact helmet that I knew I wanted was right there on the shelf. It was VERY reasonably priced as well. In just a few minutes I was out the door with a new helmet and a Facebook post was up about my excitement for the night.

A friend of mine indicated that I needed to post a picture of me in my helmet.

As must as I recognize the importance of safety, I really don't want any pictures of me in a helmet. I look ridiculous.

Then another amazing mom asked, "Hmm...what if someone were willing to match donations in exchange for a helmet pic."

I just laughed.

She was serious.

So, here's the deal...
If I can get $100 in donations before Monday at 5:00PM (CST) she will match them dollar for dollar. If that happens, I have to post pictures of me in a motorcycle helmet.

I thank you in advance for your generosity. I'll post pictures if the deal succeeds!


C Dawn's bucket said...

Good and hard memories. Sending you much love and support.

Cherub Mamma said...

I'm finding all my FB memories in the month of July to be a bit of a challenge. All of our long-term kiddos lived in our home in July. So daily I've got pics of Dude and Dolly, Daisy, and Star and Russell.

I'm thankful to have the memories.

But sometimes they are very hard.