Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Last year's vacation was marred by the Investigation from Hell. It was nice to get away and see family. But I spent every other day or so bawling my eyes out because I missed my kids and/or I was afraid of what was being done to me legally.

So far, this summer is going much better!

That doesn't mean that Satan isn't trying to mess things up.
So far in the past few days I've had to deal with:
  • banking issues involving identity theft
  • insurance issues involving expensive billing problems
  • dog issues involving a trip to the vet
  • a bloodshot eye on Dolly that may need a trip to the doctor
  • and life in general following a visit in Dallas
We leave on Friday, Lord willing. I can't wait to get away and at least pretend we're not a "foster" family anymore. No surprise visits possible 1200 miles away!! Everyone is pretty excited for all the fun that is in store.

There isn't much to report about the most recent trip to Dallas other than the cherubs spent a great deal of time with their Tio E. Despite the outstanding warrant for his arrest, he still roams free. The cherubs reported that he and his girlfriend (?) spent the night at Grandma's house even. Ugh!!

Of course both cherubs were exhausted beyond measure when they returned.

I had to laugh just a little on the timing of things...but Dolly got SICK on the way home. All over the airplane. Multiple times. And again in Minnie's car on the way home. Of course I feel horrible for my daughter that she had to go through it. But happening on Minnie's watch...that's just a little bit funny!

From what I can tell Dolly was only sick due to what appears to be a combination of stress, junk food galore and maybe motion sickness. She recovered quickly and no one else has gotten sick (yet). I wish I could convey to the powers that be how important it is for Dolly to eat healthy. She turns to excessive eating when she's stressed and if given the choice, she'd inhale junk food! We don't deal with hoarding, or overeating, or other "food issues". But...in a way...we do. The 3.5 years of neglect Dolly suffered damaged her healthy relationship with food and it becomes very apparent when she's stressed. I wish she was better cared for during these visits to Dallas! Minnie is as much the one to fault though when it comes to food so my hands are completely tied.

We're getting back in to routine though. I'm almost ready to leave on Friday. Just a few more loads of laundry and some packing to do.

Hope y'all are having a great summer!!!

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