Monday, August 26, 2013

I spoke with Ms. Colorado

I just got off the phone with my lawyer.
  • The State is convinced that this case should end with Grandma N getting PMC.
  • My lawyer is convinced (because I pay her to be) that the parents need to have their rights terminated. Even if I didn't pay her for this, she can see that this case is a disaster and that the parents' rights do need to be terminated. She says we can "duke it out" for placement AFTER rights have been terminated. I get the impression that she's very confident we are going to succeed.
  • After a phone call this morning with Minnie's supervisor, Ms. Colorado was told, "weeeellll....maybe," when she pushed again for the State to pursue termination.
  • In the meantime, Ms. Colorado is working on drawing up her own papers for termination. It'll cost us a TON more, but I'm OK with it. The State continues to make error after error in this case.
Ms. Colorado is going to make some changes for the better.
  • Minnie needs to be dealt with. She had no business making the video!
    That, and other issues, will be addressed.
  • My cherubs need to be speaking with their lawyers. They've been in Care for two years and it's never happened. Ms. Colorado is going to change that.
  • We may even go back to the issue of January 2012 and the syringe that came home in the cherubs' suitcase after a visit to Dallas. She's blown away that the State keeps wanting to completely ignore that particular situation. I still have the syringe in my possession. She may even get it tested so it can be presented as evidence in court.
My next job is to prepare a document that basically covers the high points from the past two years. Praise God I blog and keep notes on everything. I've got a several page document already written out. I just need to type it.

And last, Ms. Colorado changed our court date. (Grrrrrrr to her for not telling me right away!!) We don't go before the judge in two weeks. Instead, it'll be four. She said not to expect anything to change at court. Things won't be different until we actually terminate and go to trial for that.

And last, Baby Zippy was placed out with a relative so the State is not involved in his case at the time.


aka. Mimi said...

I wonder if this is the REAL reason that foster parents aren't "allowed" to blog... I know of SEVERAL foster moms who have used their blog posts in court (or in some cases, their posts have been used by caseworkers and attorneys!). Granted, no one knows that they're reading something that they can also find on the internet, but THANK GOODNESS we DO blog!

I'm glad you were able to talk to her. Not so glad that you have to wait two more weeks for the next hearing, but glad she seems on top of things. Now if we can just get Dude and Dolly's puzzle completed... :-)

Annie said...

Your situation seems like foster care to the Nth degree. So much pain for so little good.

Here's hoping the Cherub's lawyers are a) capable and b) semi-permanent

Our lawyer situation was initially wonderful. Then, when we least expected it (at court, of course) we're introduced to the NEW GAL, since the previous one (who knew us and the case well) had retired. THIS one, who knew nothing, within 30 seconds of meeting us (very little exaggeration - at the penultimate moment before we had to go into court) had convinced our foster son who was there to have his name changed back to his Russian name) that he should keep the American first name given him by the family who first disrupted him, and take as his middle name the Italian last name of the second family who disrupted him. Makes GREAT sense, doesn't it? I guess because this woman couldn't immediately recognize or pronounce the names he'd chosen they needed to be changed. And he was not a very good English speaker himself and couldn't understand her ebonics-accented speech, so he just agreed with her to "get along" (she wouldn't let me be "in" on this conversation.)

I hate to be paranoid, but it really felt like she just had the desire to stand between the child and the trust he had placed in us.

But, I will wish you lawyers like our first one who was kind, understanding, wise and respected the foster parents who deserved it.