Thursday, August 22, 2013

Processing the events of this past weekend

Miss Mary sent me a text last night asking if the kids could come for a session today. Of course I said yes. (After all...this is foster care. I am at the beck and call of all the professionals.) We drove to her office today right before 5:00PM.

The cherubs were sent to the play room while I spoke briefly with Miss Mary. I now know the "official" details surrounding the blasted video.
  1. Minnie made the video in the waiting room on her phone prior to the therapy session she took the cherubs to last Friday afternoon (immediately before leaving for Dallas).
  2. The reason Minnie even showed the video to Miss Mary is because she had her phone out trying to set up some kind of a video conference with Grandma N in Dallas. (Said video conference never did work.)
  3. Minnie seemed quite proud of herself. Miss Mary thought the video was quite leading.
Dolly did great at therapy tonight. Personally, I don't think it meant much. If anything Dolly figured out how to "please" Miss Mary. But, since Miss Mary was so incredibly thrilled with the progress, I certainly won't complain.

Dolly talked with Miss Mary about the video. She told Miss Mary that she made a mistake. She said many, many times that she wants to stay with us.

Miss Mary had the wrong date in mind for when her report needs to be ready. (I wonder if Minnie is feeding her misinformation.) She said she'll write up her report this week based on my date so that it's ready. She said again that her report will reflect what the cherubs say they want. (I'm praying that she will present this information to the court in a manner that reflects what SHE thinks is best. I pray she doesn't simply state what the cherubs tell her. I pray she takes a stand herself!!)

Minnie has expressed that she wants Miss Mary and Grandma N to have a therapy session before court. COURT IS IN TWO WEEKS!! Because the video conference was a flop Minnie is recommending that they either fly Gma down here or fly Miss Mary to Dallas. (What a waste of our tax money!) Miss Mary is disgusted and sees no value in meeting with Grandma one time. It is what it is though. It's all in the hands of Minnie right now.

I am calling Ms. Colorado tomorrow!! I will be telling Ms. Colorado about the video. I will recommend that Ms. Colorado contact Miss Mary. Perhaps we can bring her in to testify. I've got no problem paying for that!!!

Dolly is doing a lot better now that she's processed with both me and Miss Mary. Dude is frustrated. But if I had to guess he's just sick and tired of all the waiting that foster care is. Dude just wants to get on with his life.


Meg0422 said...

Oh but I SO want Miss Mary to go to Dallas. You'd have valid, specific information about that place!

Fostercarejourney said...

Surely that video Minnie did was illegal? I pray for your family and the upcoming caught date, that you can all get some peace.

Stacy Cloyd said...

can you tell Miss Mary that the judge wants her to take a stand? Not suggesting you tell her what stand to take, but specifically ask her to please write what she thinks is best for the kids?

And I agree that if she visits Dallas you could ask her to record some specific observations--who is in the household, if there are car seats, etc.

Annie said...

I was going to say what Stacy did - because what good is a therapist if she isn't able to make a professional judgement? I thought that was the point.

Still think that asking children to express an opinion is absurd. Trying to assess if they feel scared, or anxious in a situation is one thing; assessing if they feel a bond with a person is one thing. Asking them to say where they want to live with any idea that they know what is best for them is so stupid, I can't believe it. Children - do you want to eat organic fruits and vegetables for the rest of your life? Or, would you rather always go to fast food places? What would they say? Even IF they understood the question... It is so silly....and worse, lays a sense of responsibility on them that will haunt them forever, even as adults as they wonder what effect "their" decision had on everyone.... It is cruel.