Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spiritual Warfare

Tired Mama made a very good point on my post yesterday:
You must be getting really close to the finish line for the enemy to be unleashing so much on you right now.

Hang in there sister! Covering you with prayer from afar! 
I covet your prayers. The enemy really is unleashing a great deal on my family. Yesterday was not a banner day for Mr. Amazing either. Keep in mind that his profession is as a BIOLOGIST. He is the assistant manager where he is employed so he does have some paper pushing responsibilities. But, by and large, his calling is to care for this planet that God gave us. His job requires him to be out in the field making sure tracts of land are being maintained properly.

He got shot at yesterday.


Mr. Amazing is ex-military. He says he's seen more "action" where we live than he did when he fought in Desert Storm. But the timing yesterday?! He was being shot at at almost the exact same time Dolly was dropping her news about the ridiculous video.

Satan is really doing a number on my family. We need your prayers!!! September 9 (our next court date) is a lifetime away if things stay this intense. My confidence in a miracle really fell yesterday. I know I need to keep my mind on the truth. But it can be so hard when attacks come at all angles.

Today TT gets palate expanders on both his upper and lower jaws. HE IS PETRIFIED! (He's also getting Stage 1 braces on his upper and lower front teeth.) I ask for prayers to storm the heavens that this isn't painful for him. Please pray that his spirit finds rest and his anxiety can be relieved. (He hasn't been sleeping well. This tends to be the start of when behaviors come to a full boil.)

I thank you in advance for covering our entire family in prayer!!


Meg0422 said...

Prayers on their way!

let TT know my friend's son had the expanders too. It'll be ok, kid!

Kristin said...

My goodness it does all seem to come at you at once. While ours in no way compares to yours, we are also getting hit with a lot of frustrating stuff at once too. It makes even the little things seem bigger and harder.

As for the expanders, our 14 year old FD just got them for her top teeth and she has been fine - and she (seriously) has the lowest pain tolerance of any human being on the planet. This is not an exaggeration - my three year old is 100 times tougher than she is. Fingers crossed for you guys!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been dealing with some crazy weird stuff that feels like a spiritual attack on our family, too. I don't know why but my dad quoted a friend the other day that says when you're under attack, "Dude, you're getting an upgrade!" I am putting a reminder on prayer journal to keep praying about that Sept 9 court date and all that leads up to it. I am believing that you will have an amazing, powerful testimony to share about all of this in the months to come!

CherylR said...

Praying for your family!

G said...

Have been thinking about you and praying a lot today. And in the car this afternoon, what should come on the radio but the song I've come to think of as "yours" -- "The God of angel armies is always by your side..."