Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UPDATE on what I learned...

The therapist was NOT INVOLVED in the making of the video with the cherubs.

It was done entirely by Minnie.

Surely that won't hold up at all.

Shoot -- is it even legal?!

Either way...I'm less worried. Not completely relieved. But less worried.


Janina said...

Awful. Awful. Awful.

Can you report Minnie to the state? Surely this must violate some kind of social worker ethics code??

-Me said...

Wow. She's ridiculous.

Tired Mama said...

You must be getting really close to the finish line for the enemy to be unleashing so much on you right now.

Hang in there sister! Covering you with prayer from afar!

Rinette said...

I don't know you nor the kids. But I am crying right now. This must be terrible. Absolutely disgusting what Minnie did. But you know, God is able to turn everything around. Please God, bring justice and make the devil powerless.
I will pray pray pray.