Sunday, September 29, 2013


Fifteen boxes total.

Hopefully Minnie will email me labels and I won't have to see her in person.

I'm glad my cherubs will have their things. But it seems to final to send them on.

Foster care sucks.


Janine said...

So. Very. Sad.

grkanga said...

Why is Minnie so ... hateful... about you and the children?

Foster Mom - R said...

Praying for all of you.... I know hard the coming months will be. Just know you aren't alone.

Mitzy said...

I hope Dude and Dolly find some comfort from the things you are sending them. I'm sorry you have to send the boxes.

Rich & Sig said...

So sad for you. Yes, foster care sucks.
You did an amazing thing for these children, although I know you dont want to hear that now. I am praying for peace for you and most of all for them to come back!

kate said...

I think it's a very good thing to send it all on.

I also think that they will be back with you shortly...and that the things won't be sent along with them that time. I hope you've got some doubles!

Praying for you all. Even for Minnie.

Still just reeling from the judge's comment...and from all you've endured. My heart hurts for you. You must feel so emotionally bruised.

Sending gentle hugs.