Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kindergarten woes

The signing of the planner has started.
Daily I get to see how Dolly "did" at school for the day.

Last week:
Monday - excessive talking
Tuesday - excessive talking keeping her from completing work
Wednesday - didn't finish homework (I type up her spelling words on separate paper for Dolly to copy as it is unrealistic to expect Dolly to be able to write on the lines of a spiral notebook. Her teacher must have lost the papers as she didn't say anything when I told her the homework WAS done!)
Thursday - "smiley face" sticker
Friday - no report (they don't send home the planner over the weekend)

This week:
Monday - "smiley face" sticker
Tuesday - she had been doing well, but talks too much, needs to stay focused

This teacher has yet to answer a single note that I've sent her. It's incredibly frustrating. But I'm going to try again. I don't expect her to answer me but I'm going to make her think.
Dolly struggles with processing delay due to 3.5 years of severe neglect and the continued trauma of foster care. Being excessively talkative isn't in her nature at home. I'm guessing that it's happening more frequently when she's confused about what is going on?? Maybe?
-- Thank you for keeping me informed.
-- Cherub Mamma
I'm tired of this kind of advocating.
I can't wait until I don't have to play with the public schools anymore!


tashapork said...

Oh poor girl. So sad to have so few options. I couldn't even imagine as a child being in these developmentally innappropriate schools. Whatever politician came up with spelling tests for kindergarteners or reasons other than playing around at home for them to use spiral notebooks is In sad shape. It seems like they also don't grasp that she is late in starting to learn English. To me it's a miracle that they are doing so well. Prayers

Charlene Hertzberg said...

Okay, I used to teach and now I homeschool because of all of the craziness in schools. There are definitely teachers who are TERRIBLE about communication, but some are just in lala land too. If you really need a teacher to respond back to you, you want to start by putting in the note, please send a reply to this message letting me know... (I know you shouldn't have to tell them to reply but...) Or ask them to call or e-mail you, like social workers, sometimes if you can find a teacher's preferred method of communication you can actually get responses out of them. If it gets really bad, you may have to request an appointment. Have you had Dolly tested for language processing delays? If you can prove she has a delay you can get an IEP and then they will HAVE to help her. You shouldn't have to go to that much work, but alas, it's the system. The school will test her for you if you request it, in fact they legally have to test if you request it. Not sure if that would help her, but sometimes you can set up for extra reminders or for a teacher to check in to make sure she gets it. Writing in a spiral notebook at age 5, is INSANE!! What is wrong with these people!

Nellie said...

I expect this teacher thinks she is STELLAR in communication! She sends home a DAILY report - right? She believes that is communication and is fooling herself that it is helping.

Did you ever have a good solid sit-down with her? You certainly should! And, I think I'd be tempted to tell her that the ONLY THING you want on that planner is the bright spot in Dolly's day! Some good thing about Dolly; that is all you will accept on a planner. I would, anyway.... Kindergarteners don't need criticism and their parents who have no control at all over how they are coping with the first weeks of kindergarten, don't either. Not in this empty-headed way. Did this woman teach an older grade previously?

CherubMamma said...

These reports are standard in every public school in our area. I think every school/teacher functions on the rating system and they "inform" the parents with either a Green (smiley face), Yellow (had problems), or Red (bad problems). I do NOT believe in double jeopardy so I don't even mention a THING in the planners to my kids. (Didn't when TT and Bart were in brick & mortar either. I ticked off the kindergarten teacher because I wouldn't punish at home. I made it perfectly clear to her at that time that I expected HER to deal with poor behavior when it happens and that would be enough.)

As for testing...I'm going to try and see what I can accomplish when Dolly has her six-year-old check-up. I'm hoping the doctor can refer to back in to speech therapy. I think I'll get more success with private therapy vs. anything the public school has to offer. (I dealt with many aspects of the special ed department when I had Pumpkin. They were HORRIBLE!) If I need the school to grant an ARD, having that diagnosis ahead of time will help I'm sure.

I don't know if/when I'll have a sit-down with Dolly's teacher. I'm going to be totally honest -- I'm praying for a MIRACLE. As soon as we have permanent custody...Dude and Dolly are coming home where they can connect and heal without the added hassle of inappropriate curriculum.

I am petrified of homeschooling FIVE children. Beyond petrified!!! But I cannot stomach the brick & mortar options where we are at all! I've had Herman in schools in Iowa, Missouri, Utah, Central Texas and down here. Here is by far and away the absolute worst! I tried for three years to make it work here and ended up bringing my three forever kids home. I'll do the same with Dude and Dolly as soon as I'm given the chance.

Of course, if my cherubs continue to languish, and there are continued problems at school...I WILL have a sit down!


Anonymous said...

Wait what? Spelling in KINDERGARTEN?

schnitzelbank said...

Yes, go ahead and have her tested on your own. But also have the school test her!! That is the ticket, and only ticket, to getting accommodations made, by every teacher, everywhere. Your own private testing will serve to enhance it.
I gotta tell you- I get a number of parents that say Billy has this, and Susie has that. Sometimes it's legit. Sometimes it's a crappy parent that wants to pin their poor parenting on the kid, sometimes it's an overbearing parent that wants Billy to be coddled. So, it's hard to know with a note. A note doesn't give me the parameters for accommodation, either. You need a sit-down with her and formally request testing.