Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mrs. Beach answered my note

Dolly's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Beach, answered my note.

< shock >
"Thank you, I saw your note; however she has much potential to do well.
She's progressing"
I'm sending another note:
"I agree – Dolly has amazing potential! You cannot even begin to know the progress she's made since coming to our home. She spoke no English 2 years ago and her Spanish was at least a year behind as well. (She was in speech therapy.) Dolly is a wonderful kid with tons of potential. However, she still gets confused easily.   :)   All is good though.
~ Cherub Mamma"
Dolly got a smiley face today. She really does seem to enjoy school and for that I'm grateful. I hope she continues to stay positive toward things. The brick & mortar schools where I live are so rigorous. Texas in general has so many issues because of how they interpret No Child Left Behind. They don't encourage true learning at all. Everything is "teach to the test". Preschoolers bring home homework! Kindergarteners have spelling words to write and take weekly spelling tests. They skill and drill the Hell out of the kids. They have little time with manipulatives. The quantity of worksheets Dolly does daily is mind boggling.

My home is filled with high-quality toys that allow Dude and Dolly (and the rest of my kids) to explore real learning though. It'll all come out in the wash eventually....providing Dolly isn't stuck in Care forever.


Kaylee said...

My BFF is seriously contemplating homeschooling her kiddos due to the ban on the teaching of evolution in pretty much all the public schools in/around Houston. Frankly, it's miseducation by state fiat...

... particularly as both she and her hubby hold PhDs in geology and work in the oil/gas industry.

schnitzelbank said...

Hooray! But boo on that education! My K son is in Montessori, I've yet to see a worksheet. He does sew, paint, make books, and can stack a trinomial cube like nothing. Never a piece of homework. I kept him out of public school K for this reason!
-a better public school teacher

tashapork said...

Prayers for Monday