Thursday, September 5, 2013

No Notice

Minnie sent me an email stating that my cherubs will be leaving for Dallas Friday. She will be by my house to pick them up at 3:45PM.
  1. Why in the Hell can't this woman give me a little bit of notice?! We were planning on possibly going to the beach this weekend. What if I had promised the cherubs the outing? She has no regard for any kind of a schedule my family might keep. (It's looking like rain now though so no one is missing anything.)
  2. Thankfully the time they are flying out is such that my cherubs won't have to miss school. Now that Dolly is in kindergarten I really do need to play nice with attendance rules. (Last year they simply missed school on visit days.)
  3. Praise God they are going this weekend instead of the weekend immediately prior to our court hearing on the 23rd. The cherubs need to be as regulated as possible at court and trips to Dallas mess them up bad!
  4. And last...I'm thinking Minnie must be reading at least some of the writing on the wall. If she truly thought she had a chance at sending these kids to Dallas on the 23rd, she'd probably "save" the visit until after court and simply make it when they transition there.
Please pray for my cherubs. Please pray for Minnie too. Unfortunately she has a lot of pull and I need God to work through her. (Praying for Minnie is incredibly difficult for me.)


Please continue to keep Mama P in your prayers as well. The transition of her boys was made this week and Satan is continuing to spew his lies. Things are not going well. Evil accusations are being made and Mama P and her husband are going to have to fight hard to protect themselves and their other two children.


Annie said...

You know, I'd foster parent again, if it were only the children to deal with.... I will pray for Mama P, too. Terrible.

Mitzy said...

Praying for you all and Mama P.

tashapork said...

I've been thinking and praying about your situation and I wonder if the Grandmother has the same issue as Dolly with needing to tell people what they want to hear regardless of what they actually think or feel. I've seen it before in other families and this need to avoid conflict seems either cultural or genetic in nature and may play in to the dysfunctional behavior of bioparents. Even if Grandma thinks the kids would be better off with you or she really doesn't want to parent, she can't tell Minnie and mostly her relatives that, even though her passive behavior is showing it. I wish there was a way to do some kind of mediation or family group conferencing in your state where you and the grandmother could try to work out what is best for the kids maybe with the help of a therapist since if she were to pull out of wanting custody, the state would drop its case. I know its always so much more complicated than that, but you are in my prayers as is Mama P and all who are on the side of kids in need.