Saturday, September 14, 2013

One week 'til court

Quick catch up on my cherubs...

Dude is testing out the teachers at school. He's acting out and telling them "NO" when given a direction. Thankfully his teacher is sharing this with me and I'm strongly encouraging her to NOT give him any slack. Dude doesn't act out at home much and I've found that when he does swift reaction on my part nips things in the bud! His teacher seems to be listening to me and the problem doesn't seem to be getting worse.

Dolly is struggling a bit in kindergarten. I know it's because much of the curriculum is over her head and the expectations are too high. There isn't a damn thing I can do about it though. I will be modifying her homework whenever I can. But the schools in Texas are what they are. It's not just the's the statewide curriculum requirements. If Dolly is forced to stay in public brick & mortar school she will end up diagnosed with ADHD (she talks to much when she doesn't understand things). From there she'll slip through the cracks and end up in all sorts of trouble. --- I know I'm probably out of line making predictions like this. But I know the schools and I know my kid.  I also know the long-term effects of continued trauma and I don't see Dolly bouncing back academically all on her own.

Bart has had a lot of issues since school started!! He saw a psychiatrist this week for the first time. He's got some letters now...a diagnosis...and we started him on medication. The jury is still out though as to whether or not this first attempt at meds is a good fit for his struggles. The rage I had to try and contain yesterday nearly involved the police and/or the ER.

TT's anxiety is also OFF THE CHARTS! Thankfully he's keeping his over-the-top rages under control. But it's so challenging when something as simple as learning to play the recorder sends him into a panic attack. I've decided that he too will be visiting a psychiatrist. But I've got to get through the initial stuff with Bart first. I've only got so much time in the week and our initial appointment at the psych took over 2 hours. (Face time was about 20 minutes. Our appointment was at noon. We arrived at 11:40. He wasn't seen until 2:00. This is NORMAL where I live at every doctor.) In the meantime TT will keep taking GABA. It seems to help a lot. We also do a lot of therapeutic processing at home. We've made a ton of progress since he was moved out of brick & mortar school. But I know anxiety meds will help him and are necessary now.

Herman is in 11th grade. It seems that maybe he's turned a corner. He's getting up in the morning without needing multiple reminders. He's working without having to be told to. And he's only missed doing a couple assignments on time so far. I know that many, many parents would think that this is unacceptable. But for Herman, this is progress. I'm proud of him.

Court is in one week. I've spoken with my lawyer a couple different times. I've sent her a multi-page document outlining the highlights of the last two years. She's going to need that information to build a case against placing with Grandma and for TPR. I'm still praying that the State will move toward TPR on their own and not fight it. They have FULL GROUNDS. Neither bio parent has worked ANY of their case plan. The bio parents don't want their kids back. It's time to terminate rights. As my lawyer said to the CPS supervisor, "Come on's time to terminate. Just terminate and we'll work with you. We can deal with WHO adopts the kids after TPR." (She's confident that our case is strong against Grandma.)

I also sent a document to Ms. Colorado outlining my concerns with the last two visits in Dallas. I don't know all the legal terms, but she's going to be filing things with the court outlining the inappropriateness of the cherubs NOT staying with Grandma during these weekend visits. As Ms. Colorado put it, "I'm glad Minnie is having fun in Dallas once a month. Good for her. But she's not doing her job. The State has dropped the ball. No one is checking in on the cherubs during their visit and that's not right." I like Ms. Colorado. Her sarcasm toward Minnie made me smile. --- I will admit though I'm a little scared of the fall-out I'm sure will happen after court. Ms. Colorado is going to make Minnie look bad AGAIN and I'm sure Minnie won't like that. I hope the judge rips her a new one too though. Then it won't just be coming from my camp.

I ask for your prayers. This is our first placement hearing since we intervened.

Also, my friend Mimi at I Must Be Trippin' is matching any puzzle donations right now up to $100. She's such an amazing person to have taken on this project to benefit my family. I'm so thankful for the wonderful support I've received from all my friends IRL and on the net!!

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Annie said...

I'm glad to hear you mention that you're waiting on getting TT to a psychiatrist until you get past some of Bart's visits. I think people can underestimate how time consuming and draining this all is. Yes; it was hard when I didn't get any help, but the help can be quite a bite to chew, as well. There was a time last winter when I was spending 2-3 hours EVERY day with some professional - and still they expected me to hold down my job and take care of a family, too.... It's hard work!