Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Please pray for a foster mama friend

Awhile ago I asked y'all to pray for a very special friend of mine.

Things have gotten WORSE.

She needs to stay even more anonymous than I already had her.
(In fact, the prior post has been deleted out of necessity.)

But I'm still going to ask for prayers.
God knows who she is and she needs His help right now!

Please pray for my foster mama friend, her children and the situation at hand.

Thank you!!


Kareninaz said...

Sending good thoughts for her as well as for you and your family. I found you a while back through Last Mom & I am so upset for all of you. When are 'people in power' going to realize kids have rights too?

nicole said...

praying for you and your friend. I also have two foster mama friends going through hard situations...not to be a blessing plopper...God bless and keep foster families safe and in your care. guard them from harm and the evil one and let your light and truth shine from each and every one.

Mitzy said...

Will do!