Monday, September 30, 2013

The Day I Lost My Kids - Part 4

I realized over the weekend that I never gave the attendance list for this particular court hearing. Here goes. Can you see who's missing?
Minnie's supervisor
lawyer for CPS
Ms. Colorado
(Ms. Colorado's assistant - tho she did not stand up with everyone else)
lawyer standing in for Bio Mom's lawyer (ie: knew nothing of the case)
lawyer for Bio Dad
Attorney Ad Litem for the cherubs (AAL)
Guardian Ad Litem for the cherubs (GAL)
Mr. Amazing & I
Dude & Dolly
Our case got called again. As before, Mr. Amazing and I sat in the "audience" with the cherubs.

The tennis match was pretty much more of the same. The AAL said that when alone, the cherubs pretty much said nothing. (I had never coached the cherubs other than to tell them to use their strong voices. Apparently they chickened out when alone.) The GAL said pretty much nothing. Again CPS tried to paint me as a manipulative person who tries to put words into the cherubs' mouths. Despite Dolly's announcement in the waiting room, they painted it that she was doing it all "for me".

Ms. Colorado tried as hard as she could. But no one would really listen to the seriousness behind the lack of supervision over the visits in Dallas.

When Ms. Colorado tried to explain again the level of emotional neglect from Grandma, the GAL pretty much threw her under the bus. Ms. Colorado said, "Dolly's birthday is tomorrow and the family in Dallas did nothing for her during the last visit!" The GAL literally said, "Well...the birthday is tomorrow." Ms. Colorado wanted the courts to understand that Grandma had never done anything for any birthday and the pattern was continuing but everyone blew her off! was done. They started discussing the perimeters of the custody. Grandma was awarded Temporary Managing Conservatorship. Grandma was given permission to travel in the local area. The next court date was set. There was much discussion over allowing Mr. Amazing and I phone contact with the cherubs. The State was still Hell-bent on saying that I would be manipulative during conversation. We were allowed two half-hour phone calls per week. If I heard correctly, they are supposed to be monitored by someone. (For what it's worth, it's been seven days and we haven't gotten our phone calls yet. And  yes, I left a message with Ms. Colorado today.)

Almost in a state of shock, I walked up to CPS. I said, "Can you tell me when they will be leaving. We had planned on having Dolly's birthday party this weekend. Obviously we'll have to move it up. Can you tell me when?"

I don't remember if it was Minnie or the lawyer for CPS but they VERY smugly announced, "They're leaving today. The judge signed so they have to leave today."

That my friends is a BOLD FACED LIE. They gave Pumpkin 24 hours and she couldn't even talk! These cherubs, ones that are most definitely old enough to understand, were given no closure whatsoever!! But there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. They indicated that they would let me know after plane tickets were purchased when Minnie would be stopping by. I felt every bit of strength I had left drain from my body. I was a shell of a human being. It was perfectly awful. I took Dolly by the hand, bent down a little and started to say, "Oh my Dolly. Minnie says you have to leave today! You don't get to say goodbye!"

I was so angry. I was fuming. In fact, just writing this my heart rate has elevated to an unhealthy place. But there in the courtroom Mr. Amazing sort of pushed me and told me to stop. He didn't want me to "prove" anything to CPS.

The three of us walked to the first floor of the court building. I didn't know what to do. I desperately wanted to talk to my lawyer. I wanted more than anything for someone to fix this!! Mr. Amazing took the cherubs to the car. I stayed in the foyer of the building.

Minnie walked past me. She said nothing.

I sat down on the steps and started to cry.

Ms. Colorado's assistant came down. She consoled me. When it became apparent that Ms. Colorado was going to be awhile I said goodbye and walked outside.

Every part of me was crushed. The worst case scenario had happened. Not only had my children been ripped from me but now they couldn't even get a proper goodbye. They couldn't have closure at school. I couldn't help build this up on the positive side of things. I couldn't tell them that everything was going to be OK. (Even if it's a lie I would have done it!)

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tashapork said...

Kind of surprises me that young children who don't understand what is going on are expected in court, but the person who is wanting custody isn't and isn't even involved telephonically. How did they even know she would be ready for them that day.