Sunday, October 20, 2013


My very strongly worded email about the inconsistency of the phone calls triggered Ms. Colorado to contact the judge. Working with him, an emergency hearing has been called for tomorrow.
The children will not be there.
It's NOT a placement hearing so the children won't be moved from Dallas.
The purpose of the hearing is to address some of the things that CPS is supposed to be doing but currently isn't.
Ms. Colorado said that she's going to bring up the parenting concern of letting the cherubs watch a horror movie. (One Saturday morning the cherubs both spent their time on the phone telling me about the movie they had watched already that day. It had a "bad guy" in it with a knife that cut people and was scary.)

Ms. Colorado is going to address the fact that a CPS worker has not been assigned in Dallas yet.

Ms. Colorado is going to address the fact that family therapy (despite being court ordered in September) has not started in Dallas.

And last, Ms. Colorado is going to address the issue of our weekly phone calls. She's going to demand an official court ordered contact schedule. (We're not getting all of our phone calls and when we do get them it is without notice of any kind.)

I'm also hoping that Ms. Colorado can do something about the fact that my cherubs don't have their belongings yet. Everything was perfectly boxed and dropped off at the CPS office exactly like I was instructed to do. But it's been two weeks and they haven't sent the boxes. That isn't fair to Grandma N, who I'm sure could benefit from having the rest of their wardrobes. And it isn't fair to the cherubs who deserve THEIR toys!

I'm a nervous wreck. It's all I've got to not role around various scenarios in my head over and over. Ya know....if the judge says THIS, then I'll say THIS. Or if CPS accuses me of manipulating the cherubs...I'll say THIS. I want to be prepared. Then again, I can't prepare for any of it because I don't know what's going to happen.

So I'm trying to not think about it. When I do think about it, I'm trying to just pray. 'Cause really...prayer is all I've got now.

Tension is high in my house. It's been a rough week all the way around. TT just had his 10th birthday and birthdays aren't easy for him ever. Mr. Amazing just went back to work after being on furlough due to the shutdown. And I got my arthritis medicine this week. That tends to make me sick/emotional for a couple days. Honestly...we're barely hanging on at times.

But we will get through.

Having court on Monday is a good thing. These issues need to be addressed sooner than later. It's unfortunately that MY lawyer is the only one fighting for the cherubs. It's unfortunate that CPS isn't doing the things that were court ordered a month ago. Hopefully getting CPS to do their job now will further insure the safety of the cherubs. Right now, it's all I can hope for.


Annie said...

It is very difficult, because you know what you want. They know what you want. BUT, I think you can honestly say, (if someone queries you) that yes - you want the children to be with you, because you love them and want the best for them....but even though you accept that that they are not in your home, you STILL want the best for them, and are concerned that the support and supervision that will make their current placement in their best interest, isn't happening. Sometimes it is just easier to admit the truth. Then no one has to be thinking about how to call you on it.

Rinette said...

Certainly praying. I'm thinking of you and Dude & Dolly every day. Especially when I see toothbrushes... Still hoping and praying for a huge miracle.

Have you ever discovered why Miss Mary changed her mind about the placement?

Rinette, South Africa

tashapork said...

Prayers, I just hope that since Minnie lies, it doesn't backfire on you about mentioning the horror movie. Even though you are totally right to be concerned because it upsets them and threatens their emotional safety especially since they are already dealing with trauma, but since she twists things and it is not a physical safety issue, I hope they don't use it as a reason to stop your calls. If Minnie was doing as she should, having monitored that call, she would have taken the issue up with Grandma. I hope they get a good counselor that works well with the Grandma.

nicole said...


lisapooh98 said...

Thinking about you, and hoping court went better than expected, and you're so busy celebrating you can't update. :)