Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Anxiety in my house

I've had all three of my kids evaluated by a psychologist within the last 6 weeks.
Bart very definitely has ADHD (combined type).
TT very definitely has anxiety.
Herman very definitely has ADHD (inattentive type) and depression.
For TT, after much discussion with professionals, we have decided to go the route of supplements. We started with just niacin in doses of 500mg three times a day. I didn't do a long ramp up process. Perhaps that's why he's sick today. I don't know. But prior to today TT was doing "better". When he would start to get dysregulated, he could still listen to me and calm down without completely losing it. (We're going to add Magnesium to the mix when the meds come in the mail. I couldn't find the recommended dosage level of 150mg in the store.)

TT has had so much going on.
profound grief
his own birthday
more profound grief
my birthday (tomorrow)
family coming in from out of town
He woke up today on the floor of my bedroom. When he wakes at night he's allowed to come in and sleep on the floor next to my bed. We keep a pillow and blanket in there for him at all times. Sleep is so hard for him when he's stressed. Sometimes he's completely unaware of why he's coming in our room. I think he comes out of habit. But sometimes he comes in due to extremely vivid and very scary nightmares (that always involve some sort of loss or abandonment).

We cuddled this morning for about half an hour. It was playful and he seemed just "fine".

At about 8:00AM we came downstairs and I made myself breakfast. He told me he wanted an egg and a piece of toast. He was going to cook his egg by himself when I was done cooking mine. However, he went into the living room to lie down first.

Within just a few minutes he went from calm and OK to very sick. He has spent the entire morning now curled up on the couch doing nothing but watching Netflix documentaries. (I can't "do school" when he's sick but I don't want to skip learning entirely.)

He has vomited at least half a dozen times and he's eaten nothing.

He could be sick for "real" (as in a virus...because whatever he has is very real...I just don't know if it's contagious or not). But this is what it looks like when TT gets anxious.

He doesn't seem to worry obsessively. But he gets sick. Stomach aches. Fevers. Vomiting.

It's been happening since he was about 3-4 years old.

I wish I could take his pain away.


Anna said...

It may be the Niacin. My parents take it and it's something you need to slowly add in. Taking a large dose all at once without working the dosage up slowly can give you crazy reactions. My mom had to call the ambulance once from her reaction. Hope that helps!

Cherub Mamma said...

It *might* be the niacin. I hate thinking that his anxiety is this bad.

But if I'm honest, I know that he's gotten sick like this almost every single time we've had company come to stay. It used to be fevers and whatnot after our guests (his grandparents and/or aunt, uncle & cousins) came. Now he seems to get sick before they come.

He hasn't had any flushing symptoms. And he's spacing the dose out over the day. And he hadn't had any niacin for over 14 hours. I'm betting it's anxiety.

tashapork said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you get to do something enjoyable