Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Call

Me: " is Cherub Mamma. Is Dolly there? Can I talk to Dolly?"

Random female adult: "Sure. Just a minute. Dolly, the phone is for you."

--- lots of background noise ---

Dolly: "It's noisy." Then said to someone in the background, "It's my mom. I'm on the phone with my mom."

We had a quick phone call. Dolly talked with both Mr. Amazing and me. She said she had corn and turkey today. All her cousins were over at her apartment. She seemed completely unphased by the call. Not surprised, not sad, not anything. More like this is her new normal.

We didn't ask to talk to Dude. He rarely comes to the phone and we didn't want to complicate things today.

I'm going to wait until next week before we try to call again. I want to see if this phone call brings with it any unnecessary drama from CPS. Grandma indicated in the court report that she was unhappy with our contact because it upsets Dolly. If she doesn't complain though, we'll call again.

We're not going to involve Herman, TT or Bart right now.
We'll just call every now and then to stay in touch.

We'll see what happens.

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tashapork said...

I am glad Dolly seems to be having a degree of peace. I wonder if part of what was upsetting her was Minnie's monitoring the calls. I am sure she has a lot of upsetting memories associated with her because she was responsible for taking her away from her. Also Minnie's involvement was stressful for you and even though you tried to hide it, kids can pick up on that.