Friday, November 15, 2013

Officially Over

I met with Ms. Colorado this morning.

After reading the status report the State submitted to the courts it is incredibly apparent that continuing to stay "in" this case is futile. After discussing things with Mr. Amazing we decided to drop out.

We are going to get our court ordered phone call tomorrow. I will do whatever it takes to talk to the kids tomorrow even if that means I have to send Minnie a text every five minutes.

We will tell the cherubs goodbye forever.

Sometime within the next week or so Ms. Colorado will submit our withdrawal to the court officially. It won't require a hearing – the judge will simply sign the paperwork and we will be done.

The phone calls will stop. We will only have legal standing, should the children come back into Care, until March 23. Up to that time we could be considered Fictive Kin. After six months go by we will be nothing more than glorified babysitters in our cherubs' past.

Sometime in the near future the State will grant PMC to Grandma N in Dallas.  They might try to do it right away. They might wait until the next court hearing in January. They are not going to terminate parental rights on either bio parent.


The grief is really bad again.

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