Thursday, November 14, 2013

Phone Calls

Last Wednesday I had a perfectly craptastic day at home. Bart and I fought all day long. We ended up in the middle of an epic power struggle and neither one of us would back down. By afternoon I had shed so many tears my eyes were so swollen and puffy red that I could barely see. Topping all the adventure off, Bart had a football game right at 7:00PM...exactly when Dude and Dolly were supposed to call me.

At about 5:00PM or so I sent a text to Minnie. I told her that something had come up and I couldn't talk to the cherubs at 7:00PM. They could call me early or I'd have to cancel. I knew Minnie wouldn't coordinate an early call and I was spot on right.

Minnie did, however, reschedule the call for Friday when she would physically be in Dallas with the cherubs. We got to speak to both cherubs via FaceTime last Friday. It was nice.

No phone call was scheduled for Saturday. Back to back phone calls do not work.
(The 2x a week calls that are spread out barely work.)

Yesterday we were supposed to get our call at 7:00PM. Again, I was at a football game. Mentally I was prepared though and I kept my phone out ready for the call.

When it came in at 7:40PM though, I did not pick up.
When Minnie called back immediately, I did not pick up.

These phone calls aren't doing anybody any good. (They are more just part of the legal chess game that we are sorely losing.) I decided to put my foot down on Minnie and not let her get away with this. I sent her a text and explained that I had waited for 30 minutes for our call and when it didn't come I left and was now in a place where things were too loud for me to talk on the phone. I then asked Minnie who was responsible for the late call. Minnie passed the buck on to Grandma and said that Grandma's phone had been on silent.

Crappy excuse! These phone calls are court ordered and they are on an official schedule. Grandma doesn't have a land line. It is plausible that her phone could have been on silent. But it's still just an excuse! And a bad one at that.

Minnie rescheduled for this evening. First it was going to be at 5:00-5:15. Then she sent me a text rescheduling to 5:30PM. This was to allow Grandma enough time to get off of work, pick the cherubs up at day care, and get back home.

I agreed to the time but explained that if the call came in late I would not be available to pick up. (Football...again.)

5:30PM came and went.

I sent a text to Minnie at 6:00PM that read:
In the court reports...who is being held responsible for the absolute inability of maintaining the COURT ORDERED phone contact?
After a few minutes Minnie sent me a message saying tonight's lack of a call was her fault. She had been held up with another case.

I didn't respond.


Ms. Colorado contacted me today. It seems she has a court report from the State documenting how the cherubs are doing in Dallas. She needs me to come to her office so we can go over the details and make a decision on how we will proceed.

I asked Ms. Colorado for her gut response to the report.
She said, "I don't believe some of the things that are in it."

The State is still lying!!
And lying.
And lying.

I cannot fight against all the lies much longer. I'm pretty sure we will be done with Ms. Colorado's services tomorrow. I'll take the phone call from the cherubs Saturday morning (per our schedule) and I'll tell them goodbye forever.


I have no idea what will happen next. But I'm pretty sure this chapter has ended.


MamaFoster said...

You have done everything you can. Everything else is up to God, which is hard to accept sometimes, but HE has a plan.

Foster Mom - R said...

I can imagine that this was a very difficult decision for you. I pray that your family finds some peace and the the Cherubs are safe. You are a wonderful Mom and sometimes that means making the hard decision that status quo is not working.

aka. Mimi said...

I hate this for you guys... :'( Just know that you have done everything that you could POSSIBLY do to protect those kids, and they KNOW how much you love them. They've known love, they've known safety and security, and they've known The Father because of you guys. You've given them an amazing start. The rest is up to God. You all continue to be in my prayers... I love you!