Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Day I Lost My Kids - Part 7

Minnie arrived at our home just after 5:00PM. I hadn't even fed the children much of a snack. I seriously did not know what to do. I was in a state of numbness. I was scared to face Minnie I was so angry. But she came and I went outside with a bag of belongings for each cherub. I had packed about 1-2 weeks worth of clothes, a sweatshirt, pajamas, socks and underwear. That's all I had room for. The cherubs each put a few toys in their backpacks that they carried.

I didn't say anything. Not really.

Mr. Amazing however...he lost it! He came outside and started screaming at Minnie. As we joke now, his inner ghetto Mexican came out. Some strange accent took over and he hollered and hollered.
How can you sleep at night? Do you feel good? You lied. You lied on the stand.
He was more angry than I've seen him in a long, long time. In fact, he was so irrational that I put my hand on him gently and told him to go inside.

Minnie seemed almost proud of herself. It was sickening. You see, in court just a few hours earlier Minnie said, "There was no video of the cherubs. I did not take a video. The kids play with my phone. Sometimes we take pictures. I have to let them otherwise they get out of control. But there was no video." (Info on the video in question is here, and here.)

In my driveway Minnie said, "The video wasn't made during therapy."

In my driveway Minnie admitted that the video, the one that shouldn't have ever been made, really did exist. We knew it did all along. The cherubs' therapist, Miss Mary, told me she saw it! Minnie simply tried to claim in court that it didn't exist at all because she decided that we were claiming in court that the video had been made in therapy. NEVER did we say the video was made IN therapy. We simply said it was made at the therapy office. Minnie lied on the stand about the existence of the video at all.

The reason this bothers me is because Minnie has lied on the stand about so many things. And if she lies on the stand, I'm quite confident her court reports about the goings-on in Dallas are fabricated as well. And that seriously scares me!!


The progress report that was just submitted to the court immediately started off by Minnie giving her version of the above story. Her version is MUCH MORE dramatic than reality. She said she was "fearful of Mr. Amazing's action due to his intimidating manor". She was also "fearful of the impact this incident would have on the children".

More lies.

Loving parents that are concerned about the safety and well being of their children get upset when their children are taken from them incredibly abruptly without good reason.

It seems a father worried about the character of the person in charge is more dangerous than a used drug needle tucked into a suitcase following an unsupervised visit.


That, along with a ton of other BS in the court report is why we knew we had to be done with the intervention.


kate said...

My heart breaks with every installment.

What does Ms. Colorado think about a case against Minnie? I think you and the Cherubs should sue her PERSONALLY for negligence of duty, emotional harm…and all sorts of things.

grkanga said...

I wonder now if grandma sent the needle as a silent cry for help and when she did not hear about a response felt the children were not safe with you. I wonder what Minnie told her about you and your household. I wish you had been able to talk to Grandma by yourself with an impartial translator. I do know MANY people think foster carers routinely abuse children and are in 'for the money'. I wonder now if grandma does not know how to deal with the children's reasonable upset after they talk with you and thinks just shutting you down will help the children. I am sure Minnie told grandma untruths about you and your family.
I am SO SORRY for everyone involved in and by Minnie's abuse. But I also believe your actions now MUST be driven the best answers for your own children as you cannot help those Minnie has prevented you from knowing. Prayers.

Raina said...

I'm so sorry for how this has all turned out. It breaks my heart just reading about it. Do you know what Minnie's motivation in all this could possibly be? What on earth would cause her to lie so much and not see the problems of placing the kids in Dallas? Does it somehow look better on her record when cases stay with family? Why is their safety not her first concern as their caseworker?

Cherub Mamma said...

I do not know Minnie's motivation. It could be a lack of true caring on her part. Maybe the kids are just another case number. It could be there is more "good" in Dallas than I have EVER been made aware of. Maybe Minnie is fundamentally against adoption. It could very easily be racial. I simply do not know.

The State could have been saved thousands of dollars. We would have even taken just PMC of the children. The State knew this.

But the State NEEDS to terminate parental rights to protect Grandma. (And they refuse to consider doing this.) Bio Dad is NOT a safe person. (I'm quite confident the drug needle that came into Grandma's possession was from him.) Granted, he's going to be in prison for a long time. But eventually he will get out. Grandma's home study states that she doesn't want contact with him, or her other troubled children, as long as they continue to cause trouble. My biggest concern is that the home study says this but her actions speak VERY DIFFERENTLY. Bio Dad *will* come back. He *will* come into contact with the cherubs. He could put them in harms way quite quickly!!

I wish there was more I could do.