Saturday, November 16, 2013

We said goodbye

The call came about 40 minutes late. Only Dolly was on the line. She said that Dude wasn't even there.

I passed the phone around to everyone. We kept things short. Each member of our family told her that we love her. That we miss her. That we love her even when we can't see her.

When the phone got back to me I said, "Dolly, do you remember me telling you that when you move to Dallas you won't get to see us again?"

Dolly said yes, she remembered.

I then told her that we weren't going to talk anymore now either. The judge said she's to live in Dallas and it's time for us to say goodbye forever.

Dead silence. All I got was dead silence.

I must have said I love you a million ways before I finally said goodbye. Then I asked for Minnie.

I told her, "Paperwork will be coming sometime soon letting you know we are dropping out of this case. You win. What happened is not in the best interests of the children win. Goodbye."

Then I hung up.


Mitzy said...

I'm sorry that this is your ending.

Carrie said...

So, so sorry. Praying God will sustain you.

Annie said...

Horrible. Really awful. Poor dears. Hopefully the time with you will remain with them forever in some ways, though.