Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Conversations at my agency tonight

Because our house is still "open" - we still have to take training classes. The State of Texas requires that we take the exact same trainings year after year (over and over and over and over). I was due for my Behavior Intervention 3 & 4 classes. Needless to say, there were a LOT of "big feelings" as I drove my car an hour away to go take trainings so I can keep my house open for kids that are no longer with me.

Once there I saw Rainbow. We chatted for a bit. It seems the foster family that currently has Daisy understands the seriousness of the matter and has made arrangements to take time off of work for her necessary surgeries. (As of now, both eyes need surgery - separately. There will also be follow up appointments and possible other complications that will involve medical appointments as Daisy ages.) Anyway...Rainbow knows that we will take Daisy but she has faith in the current family. Odds are Daisy won't be joining the Crazy House Clan.

Then I sat through the training.

--- snooze ---

After we wrapped up I sat and chatted with the training instructor - who just happens to be the placing coordinator at my agency. She's a young thing (I'm guessing around mid-20s). She is not a parent. In my opinion, I think that makes it a little difficult for her to lead parenting classes. But that's a rant for another day.

She doesn't have as much confidence in Daisy's current foster family as Rainbow does.
So maybe Daisy will be coming????

The placing coordinator also begged me to open our house back up. She said Rainbow has gone on and on about how wonderful we are. She says they've been getting a lot of placement calls lately, especially for teens.

I may or may not have ended the conversation like this, "We'd be open to taking a 'basic' teen boy. Not a 'moderate' or a 'specialized'...but maybe a 'basic'."

The look of excitement on the placement coordinator's face was sweet. She said, "Really?!"

Then I said, "No!! We're closed." Then I laughed that laugh. You know the one...the laugh where it's obvious I'm crazy when I say our house is going to be closed forever.

She said she'll talk to Rainbow and then she'll be in touch.