Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meeting the Bio Family

I walked into an empty waiting room in the CPS office this afternoon. An older couple was in there standing around waiting. As Daisy and I entered, their faces lit up.

I met Daisy's paternal grandparents.

It's evident that they love their granddaughter very much.
But the things Grandma said about her son...they gave me pause. She is convinced, and said so, that her son couldn't have done this on purpose. (At least she's almost to a place where she can acknowledge that he might have done it though. That's different from the interview of her on the news after her son was arrested.)

When they asked if Daisy could see, it hurt to tell them the truth.
Other than the doctors, it seems no one knows the truth.

I told them that Daisy is blind. I told them Daisy has significant brain damage. I told them that we'll know more after Daisy starts all her therapies. Then I said, "We don't know if Daisy will ever walk or talk." I said it again, "She has a lot of brain damage. Her injuries were significant."

The air in the room was so thick. I don't like being the person to tell everyone this.
But someone has to.

I do have hope.
Miracles DO happen!
But Daisy was hurt. Daisy was hurt bad!
And we do NOT know how well Daisy is going to recover.


grkanga said...

Your courage is impressive. It was right to tell the truth as you know it but it was not easy I am sure.
Thank you also for writing about how fostering has impacted your forever children.
You are verys trong.

kate said...

I'm glad you told them.