Friday, January 10, 2014

No news

Ms. Colorado called this morning.

Despite the fact that we are in the case with Dude and Dolly legally...
Despite the fact that we are to get all reports...
We have heard nothing.

Perhaps the State will give the required reports to Ms. Colorado during the next hearing. But they will be riddled with lies and we would have no time to do anything about it -- even if there was anything to be done.

Which there isn't.

Nothing happened over the holiday season to jeopardize their placement in Dallas. At least nothing was reported to have happened.

We are officially dropping out. Ms. Colorado is going to file the paperwork as soon as she possibly can. She's even going to try and get the judge to sign it in this county as he works primarily where I live and not where the cherubs are originally from. (One judge covers all the foster care cases in two counties but the county I live in is more "active" so to speak.)

We are done.

We are not going to go to court in two weeks. Grandma N will be given PMC. Parental rights will not be terminated. Bio Mom will get out of jail in November of this year. She will have the opportunity to be in their lives again should she choose to go to Dallas. Bio Dad is still in jail awaiting a criminal trial. It's been over a year since he was last arrested and I don't know anything else about how long he's going to be "in". When he gets out though, his children will be at his mother's house and he will be able to be in their lives.

Prayer is really all I've got left.

I pray that the family they have in Dallas that is safe is supportive and nurturing.
I pray that the family they have in Dallas that is NOT safe stays away.
I pray for Grandma N and the cherubs.
I pray that Dolly can see the good in everything.
I pray that Dude can recover from his anger.

I love these cherubs with everything I've got. But the writing is on the wall. They are gone.


MamaFoster said...

I understand. I was hopeful that the judge saw something you did not, but I had no idea where he was coming from talking about adoption after all this time.

I would be dropping out too. Sorry friend.

kate said...

I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. I'll pray with you.

OneSmallWish said...

You need closure, for sure. What a failure on CPS's part. Will be praying with you that the kids will do well and grandma does well by them. Hugs and enjoy your newbies.