Saturday, January 4, 2014

NOT in it for the $$$

Monday, 9:30AM
Daisy meets with her primary care physician to establish a relationship and get therapy paperwork and approval started

Monday, 3:00PM
Daisy has a transfontenelle ultrasound at the hospital


Wednesday, 2:45PM
Daisy to follow up with neurosurgeon

Wednesday, 5:45PM
counseling session for Ricky

Thursday, 9:00AM
dentist for Daisy

Thursday, 5:00PM
family visit for Daisy

Friday, 1:00PM
Daisy follows up with the retina specialist


I'm pretty sure this is what my life is going to look like most of the time now. Each one of these medical appointments will take me 1-4 hours minimum (not counting drive time).

Daisy has two family visits a week but is missing one this week because it conflicts with a medical appointment. (Thankfully I've been given permission to give preference to all medical appointments over visits with mom and even court.) Ricky has his family visit (only one) on Saturdays. He's got an out-of-town swim meet this weekend though so he's missing his.

I've got to work up my documentation for Daisy to submit to a third party group that evaluates kids for their "level". Despite MANY hours being spent dealing with Daisy's medical needs, and everyone knowing how badly she was hurt, Daisy came to me as a "basic". I've got to document 30 days worth of notes that will be submitted to this group to evaluate. Hopefully Daisy will get bumped up to "specialized" after that happens. I'm NOT in it for the $$$. But she is going to take an incredible amount of time and effort. There is also the cost of driving to all the appointments and the inevitable restaurant food that will need to be added to the budget as a result as well.

Here's to praying that TT and Bart will cooperate with school a bit more this semester. My schedule simply doesn't allow for a 1-2 hour meltdown over math every day.


Allison said...

I'm not sure about in your state, but here in SC Medicaid will reimburse mileage for travel to/from medical/therapy appts. May be something for you to check into at least

Cherub Mamma said...

I don't think they reimburse down here. Instead, they push the availability of free medical transport. But there is NO way I'm going to deal with a transport company driving me around town. I'm sure that would add another hour minimum to each trip.

If Daisy does get bumped up to Specialized, her per diem will more than cover all my actual expenses. In fact, it was with great reluctance that I went to the WIC office this week. But RIGHT NOW, since she is "basic", I've spent waaayyyyy more money than what was available in my budget to get things we needed for her. I decided to get a little extra help with her formula needs.

tashapork said...

I really wonder if the people up high enough to make policies have a clue of the costs that go into being a foster parent.

Alice said...

In East Texas, Medicaid does reimburse for travel to and from appointments-50 cents a mile. More paperwork, but
worth it.

Alice said...

We had an infant foster child in Texas who went from basic to moderate (after YFT leveling) and they gave us back pay from the time of placement at the new daily rate.

Jennifer said...

This is the link for Texas medicaid. It is worth the extra time to get the money for mileage!