Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ricky gets screwed even more

Ricky is #6 of 7 kids total. He's got one younger brother, Michael, who is in Care but has been placed through a different agency (and is obviously in a different family).

Ricky was supposed to go his weekly family visit this morning to see his bio mom, Lola, and Michael. Lola is always brought to these visits by Ricky's older brother Peter.

Well, Peter called Ricky this morning to say that he has to work and Lola won't be coming to the visit. Ricky had no desire to sit in an empty office room, devoid of anything to do, with his 12 year old brother for two hours. Honestly, I can't say that I blame him!

I called my agency's on-call worker. She informed me that I don't have to force Ricky to attend any visits. I'm a little worried about this because THIS is exactly what caused Ricky to be moved from Rebecca's care and placed into formal foster care. But...rules are rules. And if I'm not required, I'm not going to force a thing!!

I just remembered today why Ricky's case worker didn't answer her phone yesterday. She's out of the country on a vacation. That simply proves that the decision to stop contact between Ricky and Rebecca was made by the supervisor for no good reason. I hope the case worker can fix things when she gets back!

In the meantime, I left her a voice mail explaining why Ricky missed his visit today. I also asked for a clear explanation as to why Ricky can no longer see Rebecca at visits.


Ricky was sad last night.
Ricky is sad again today.

Foster care does not make any sense to any of us close to Ricky.

He's thoroughly being screwed over and there's nothing we can do about it.


Thankfully he can drive.
I gave him my car keys and told him to go out.
He said he's going to meet up with one of his older brothers.
I hope he decides to meet up with Rebecca too.
I feel so bad for him. My heart just breaks.


OneSmallWish said...

Time to start wishing rashes......? The system sucks. It just plain old s-u-c-k-s. Rashes and suckage, its all I got tonight.
Glad he can at least drive to wherever he may go....

kate said...

Poor Ricky! I'm glad he's got some common sense in his corner. (That would be YOU.)

Hoping that once his case worker is back you can get visits reinstated with Rebecca. I hope he's able to go back to her.

Annie said...