Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ricky's worker is back from vacation

I got an answer to my email that I sent last Friday concerning the removal of contact between Ricky and his godmother, Rebecca.
Thank you for advising me of the visit. Unfortunately Ricky's brother Michael looks forward to some type visit with his family so I do need Ricky to come as well. Although you are willing to allow his little brother to come over, as we both know... the other foster parents are little less flexible. Also, cancellations need to be done through the monitors as this is a billing issue (Dept issue right now). Unless we can schedule a regular sibling visit around the visit so I can get with the other agency.
As far as Rebecca, as I explained to her and Ricky, I was allowing the continued contact without my supervisors' approval anticipating this not be an issue. However, in finding out and discussing visits, he asked me to no longer do this without a court order as this may prove to be a concern at court in which the Judge may reprimand us for doing without his consent to begin with. I understand this is difficult for Ricky to deal with and Rebecca as well. I will speak to Ricky about it when I visit with him. I was hoping to do so before the visit but unfortunately my schedule did not allow.
Has he been scheduled for therapy?

I sent back an email asking what Ricky's rights are. Can they REQUIRE him to attend all visits?! Come on now! Doesn't this kid have any rights of his own?!

I would love to know why the judge would care if Ricky saw Rebecca in the CPS office for 30 minutes, supervised, one time per week. I'm fuming that everyone is making such a big deal out of nothing. I literally told the worker that it seems like The System wants to shove Ricky back to his old life - the one he had before Rebecca plucked him out of the darkness.

I also indicated that no, he hasn't been scheduled for therapy. The first agency he was referred to completely cancelled on him the day of his first appointment. I don't know why, but they decided last minute they couldn't take him on at all. I haven't heard a word from anyone else.

I saw Ms. Colorado today when I went to her office to sign paperwork officially dropping us out of Dude and Dolly's case. It was sad for me. So final.

But, I did get to talk to her about my new kids. (Ya know, the ones I told everyone - her included - that would never come because I was D.O.N.E. fostering!) She just smiled. She asked about my new ones and I had the perfect opportunity to ask her for help with Ricky's case. I mean really...no one that's talking to me even knows Ricky's lawyer's name! She said she'd help me out. I know there's little she can honestly do. But even if she can look at her peer and say, "I know Ricky's foster family. They're good people. Give your client a call." I'll take it!!!

In the meantime, today is Ricky's birthday. He's at McDonald's with his girlfriend right now. He may or may not have seen other important people in his life last night when he went out to dinner in a public place where anyone can just happen to be. We're having his favorite dinner, pizza, as soon as TT and Bart get back from basketball practice. And even though he wouldn't give me a single idea of something that he'd like to get for his birthday, he'll get his present from us.
Hidden in the middle of all those Sour Patch Kids is a toilet paper roll tube. In the center of that toilet paper roll tube is a one-hundred dollar bill.

He's sad today. He's a kid from the hurt places. How many of his other birthdays have disappointed him over his 17 years? I hope the fact that we're keeping things low key - per his request - but yet we're celebrating - because I simply could not NOT celebrate - brings him a little bit of joy. He's only got to hang on for 365 more days and then he's free from CPS forever!


Leah Wentzel said...
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Leah Wentzel said...

fun gift :) I hate cps

kate said...

That's a present I'd LOVE! I'm sure he did, too. :>

Time to make that countdown chart or chain or whatever. Only 364 more days to go.

kate said...

Can he become an emancipated minor?

(Okay, I don't know much about that at all, but just wonder…)

Cherub Mamma said...

Rebecca has talked with several lawyers. We now know that private adoption is OUT. No judge would sign knowing that he's in the middle of a CPS case. The CPS judge takes precedence.

Emancipation is an option. In fact, Ricky went out and applied for job right away. He knows he has to prove that he can be on his own if he's emancipated. No one is ruling this out. But it's not looking very favorable.

Honestly, he's probably just going to live with us for the next year. Then when he graduates the State owes him a college education. Any type of "fighting" that we do to change the situation at hand might help. But everything moves so painfully slow it might not change anything until right before he ages out anyway.

Rebecca is looking out for Ricky's best interests too. As long as Ricky is with US...I think everyone will be OK. If for some reason Ricky was to get sent to a different foster family - away from Rebecca - well...then...I don't even want to think about what might happen. So it is incredibly important that CPS see me working WITH THEM at all times.