Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tax Time

A lot of questions usually fly this time of year about claiming your foster kids on your tax return.

You can!!

This is the BEST post I've ever read on the subject. It answers every question.

And yes, I'm going to do my taxes today. I'm pretty sure Gma in Dallas wants the $$$ for Dude and Dolly but they were with ME until September 23rd. We are claiming them this year!!


Hope L said...

Thanks for the link!!

Wanda Hanson said...

Tax is quite difficult to understand, and could be stressful when it comes to doing them—let alone claiming tax for your foster kid. It’s great to know that you found a post that best explain this topic, and that it includes answers to your questions. Thanks for sharing it with us, Cherub Mamma. All the best!

Wanda Hanson @ Tax Tiger