Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm getting nervous about court

I'm not worried about COURT so much as I'm worried about all the interactions with the bio family.

I realized at about 5:00PM tonight that I didn't ask who is going to be responsible for Daisy during court tomorrow. I'm quite confident that her mom, dad and grandparents are going to want to hold her.

I really wish the children didn't have to go to court down here.

I can appreciate letting tweens/teens attend. They should go. They need to be active in their cases. But even them attending down here is pointless. The judge didn't say one word to Ricky during his case two weeks ago. But still, they should be given an opportunity to attend.

I have to bring Daisy tomorrow. It's a requirement. If I'm lucky her lawyer will "meet" with me for a minute or two before the case is called.

(Nope. I've never spoken with Daisy's lawyer.)
I've got ALL my trust in Mr. CW and his supervisor.

It's that time before the case gets called that's got my nerves starting to tense. I'm afraid of how all the passing around of Daisy will affect her temperament. I would like to keep her stress level as low as possible. But due to how the waiting room is situated, I'm going to be between a rock and a hard place. I'm pretty sure there will be no way to avoid having her get passed around.

Please say a prayer for all of us. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow. All I know is that CPS is going to recommend "permanent relative conservatorship". The judge will be able to do whatever he wants with that. As of right now, there are NO relatives in line to take Daisy.


Unknown said...

Prayers, its crazy how each state is so different. Here in Colorado we have to almost get suspended to attend court. We know nothing unless you have a case worker or GAL that likes to share.

Annie said...

I always thought that having the kids attend was another form of abuse - to be HEARD, yes....but having them there either causes everyone to not say what's on their mind - or to say things which shouldn't be said in front of the child (the degree to which their former family wanted to get rid of them, for example).