Thursday, March 13, 2014

Recovery is going great

You would barely know Daisy had surgery today if it weren't for the 2 big bags of blood hanging off of her head. The neurosurgeon removed one of the three he put in yesterday during today's procedure and he fixed the one that wasn't quite right. 

The man must never sleep. He popped by our room again tonight at 9:30pm. He is confident that Daisy is going to be able to go home tomorrow. 

Daisy is eating well. She doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. 

I questioned the doctor about what will happen next. He said he doesn't think we are going to have any problems. But...even he knows this isn't our last trip to the hospital. He assured me that he won't order any CT scans for a long time. He will go straight to MRI *next* time. 

I'm going to see if I can get standing permission for anesthesia for that. Her caseworker right now has been really impressive. He pushed thru approval for all three procedures pretty quickly. But I know I can't count on him being her caseworker forever. I'd like to make things easier for me in the future. 

I'm anxious to get home. I miss my kids. And my kids REALLY me miss me. I miss my bed. I miss my food. I'm ready to be done in the hospital for awhile!!

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Meg0422 said...

It's amazing that God brought all of this about in the way He did. Step by step, everything fell into place. I'm glad that she was with your family, with this caseworker, with this doctor, with this virus that brought her to the hospital....I hope the disregulation and anxiety at home aren't too bad.

Hugs for you all!