Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm not a fan of blogging from my phone but wanted to reach out to any readers that aren't on Facebook. 

Miss Daisy has been very sick. I don't have time to go through it all. Simply put, she stopped eating. It seemed it was a normal stomach virus because the little darling had it first and it went thru the entire family. 

But things didn't get better and her neurosurgeon got involved. One CT scan and one MRI later - and Daisy is now scheduled for brain surgery. They should be coming to get us any minute now. 

I covet your prayers. It's one thing for a neurosurgeon to say she's going to be ok. It's another thing for a mamma to wrap her brain around holes being drilled into her baby's head. 

I will do my best to keep everyone updated. I'm posting a lot on Facebook because it's easier - and I've been trapped in the hospital for the past five days. I'll get on here later though with an update when I can. 

Thank you again for your prayers. 


kis2and3 said...

Praying. Not on fb, but will lift you and Daisy and the surgeon and everyone up!

Barnicles said...

Thinking of you and how hard it is and all the nurses and the story. She wasn't born like this and she deserves better. xx thank you for looking after her I'm sure God is so proud.

B xxx

Notsopc said...

Said a prayer for her complete healing.. and will share for more prayers..

Mitzy said...

Prayers for peace and health.

grkanga said...

Thinking of the neuro who just looked at her said she was fine....and now surgery and holes and blood drainage. I am so glad you all got sick and she ended up in hospital with this improved outcome.
Expect the bios will claim now that it all wasn't due to their shaking her because see all the rest of this has happened. We know this isn't true but be prepared so you stay calm when you hear this.
Thank you for helping each child you encounter. Your family are all being gifts to the world.