Monday, April 14, 2014

Co-parenting adventure

Bio mom is now allowed to attend all medical appointments.

CPS is not going to be supervising these appointments.

That puts me and Bio Mom playing nice together in a doctor's office.

(I can hardly wait.)

Our first attempt of doing this together happens tomorrow at 9:30AM. We get to go see the neurosurgeon. He's going to take 30 seconds to look at her incisions and tell me to come back in 3-4 months.

If it's weird or uncomfortable in a way I don't want to deal with, this will be the LAST attempt at co-parenting without a social worker with us. I already let my agency know I won't play this game if Mom causes problems. And I'm still not sure I'm willing to go to Daisy's one-year well-child check alone with Bio Mom. (Madame Doctor will probably rip Bio Mom a new one and I don't want to be the only one there to witness it!)

Tomorrow should be a very interesting day.

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