Tuesday, April 15, 2014


  1. I shouldn't write a blog and make dinner at the same time. I really needed to proofread that last post a few more times. I've caught two typos and I'm sure there are more.
  2. I was incredibly wrong about the healing of Daisy's incisions. I'm no doctor but I'm no dummy. I usually try to get my brother's take on things when new meds are prescribed for my family members. And I'll own it when I make a mistake.
    I called My Genius Brother (a doctor) to ask about the cream that was prescribed. He informed me that head wounds heal quickly and it is concerning that Daisy's are still scabbing over. The cream that was prescribed is for burns and wound care.
  3. I was also wrong about the neurosurgeon having us come back in 10 days so he can make money on another office visit. The neurosurgeon was paid one fee for surgery and all post-op visits. It really is concerning that Daisy hasn't healed fully from her craniotomy. She really does need to be seen in 10 days to make sure everything is OK.

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