Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My new obsession

I remember when I had only one child. I just knew that if I could only have more kids, I'd stop obsessing about the one.

I think in my case I'd have to have 27 kids to stop obsessing.

My newest obsession: what to feed Miss Daisy and how much to feed her.

She's taking less and less out of her bottle. I do good to get her to drink 18 ounces a day total. She's completely unable to drink from a cup of any kind so I don't know how to get her to consume more. It bothers me though. It doesn't seem like enough. For example, she got up this morning at 6:50am. I gave her a bath and got her dressed. She typically doesn't want anything right away to eat or drink. At about 7:30 I offered her a bottle. She only took 2 ounces.

Daisy is eating solid food a lot better and I know that's part of the reason why she's taking less from her bottles. But she's not taking a tremendous amount. It varies depending on what she's being served and her mood, but she usually only takes about 4 ounces per meal.

Daisy cannot feed herself at all. She's able to tolerate some texture and she's starting to chew soft foods. I don't feel right feeding her all store-bought purees. It's not that I think they're bad. But they're all sweet and they don't offer any depth of flavor. I'm afraid if that's all I serve her she'll never learn to tolerate "real" food.

So I'm obsessing.

Feel free to join me in my obsession. What would YOU feed Daisy?

I've started making a lot of my own baby food. That way I can add a variety of flavors and textures. I can puree it still so she's able to eat it. But I don't have to take the puree down to totally smooth. For example, I made some super soft oatmeal this morning. I added chia seed to it and then stirred in some small ripe banana pieces. At 8:40am I offered her this. She did well eating it but only took 3 ounces. For Daisy's entire breakfast she took 2 ounces of formula and 3 ounces of solids. Is that enough?

Things to keep in mind:
For eating purposes, Daisy is around 4 months old developmentally. But chronologically she's almost one year old. Somehow I have to meet her biological needs within her developmental abilities.

In general, Daisy is about 5 months old developmentally. She's active to a degree. But she's not crawling or moving all over the place. Her caloric needs aren't as high as a typically developing one year old.

However, Daisy is a very big baby. She weighs at least 23 pounds and is at least 29" long. (Those numbers are from a month ago so I'm guessing both are higher.)


grkanga said...

Reach her pediatrician. Get the recommendations on how much liquid and what about solids in writing. The doc is the best person to monitor and establish Daisy's dietary needs, and needs to be following her weight and consumption.
ALSO: the bios want you to be the bad guy, they want something to hang on you and will be using Daisy's current progress as proof that the "accident" wasn't really serious. CYA!!! Call doctor. Doctor might even say in writing that so much bio contact is part of Daisy's problem.... or not.

Paige Still said...

Maybe this is a stage she's going through. My friend's foster baby did this too. She was teething at the time and had an ear infection,. I would definitely get the doctor's input given her medical issues.

Vertical Mom said...

I agree with Paige. It sounds like a stage. My kids have growth spurts where they turn into little locusts and then will eat hardly anything for weeks. Try adding some melted coconut oil to her puree (but it will harden if the puree is too cold). The good fat is excellent for the brain development and will beef up the calorie intake. The fruit and veggie purees should give her adequate water consumption. Keep up the good work, Mama!

Mama Bear said...

One thing I've learned by working with kids in a preschool is that they won't let themselves starve. If that's all she'll eat or drink, then just keep doing what you are doing and offer it to her. If she really is hungry, then she'll let you know. Her caloric intake is important. If she isn't active or moving, but you're feeding her the caloric intake of a normal 12 month old, she'll gain weight like crazy! 18-24 ounces of liquid is a normal amount if she's eating solids too. I hope this helps!! And I'd feed her all the iron rich and leafy greens she'll tolerate to help brain growth and development. (: