Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another timeline

June 15, 2011
Dude and Dolly joined our family and entered foster care.

May 10, 2013
Mr. Amazing and I officially hired a lawyer and intervened in the legal case of Dude and Dolly. With the encouragement of the judge and the GAL, we intended to adopt the pair. We were willing to have an open adoption with any family members that were safe and sober.

September 23, 2013
Dude and Dolly were given less than five hours to say goodbye to the only family they had ever really known. They were taken to live with a grandmother half-way across the state that they barely knew. My family suffered through horrible grief.

November 2013
The judge told us to not drop out of the case. He seriously didn't expect Grandma to keep things together in Dallas. He said to our lawyer, "Don't they want to adopt them?"

January 2014
After reading falsified and trumped up court reports, it became obvious that staying "in" the legal case with Dude and Dolly was futile. Mr. Amazing and I officially dropped out of the case and accepted a final bill from our lawyer. We assumed Grandma N in Dallas would be given PMC (Permanent Managing Conservatorship) at the court hearing January 27. With PMC granted they would be out of foster care, monitoring would stop and they would have legal permanency.

May 11, 2014
I called Great Grandma P (GGP) to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. We talked for a bit.
I learned a few things:
  • Dude and Dolly's bio mom is out of prison but is partying again.
  • Minnie saw GGP at bingo not too long ago and told GGP that she still sees the cherubs once a month in Dallas. She showed GGP some recent pictures. (Meaning Grandma N is still being monitored!)
  • Minnie told GGP that court is coming soon for the cherubs again. Bio Mom needs to get in contact with her.
  • GGP said that Bio Mom wants to go to Dallas to get the cherubs back.
  • GGP is going to go in to the CPS office and find out more about the next court hearing.
The part I can't stop thinking about is the fact that Grandma N, in Dallas, is still being monitored! Those cherubs still don't have permanency!!!

My mind is racing through about a million different scenarios. So many things could still happen. Here's one that has played through my mind a few times...
  1. Bio Mom goes to Dallas and gets the cherubs.
  2. Bio Mom brings the cherubs back to where we live.
  3. Bio Mom is still partying and she gets caught.
  4. Grandma N gets in trouble for allowing the cherubs to have contact with Bio Mom.
  5. The cherubs end up back in foster care.
I'm sickened by all of this. Don't ever believe all those guidelines and laws that say little children have permanency within a year of entering Care. It is a lie!

I asked Great Grandma P to call me if she does indeed get more information about the court hearing later this month. I'm so curious. I'm not in the case but I want to stay connected any way that I can.


Mie said...

If you find out when and I can make it let me know - I'll head over to see what happens :)

Cherub Mamma said...

Thank you Mie. But since the case originated in a different county, court is still being held in the county down here. I haven't decided if I'll go or not. It's unlikely that Grandma N and the cherubs will be required to go. But I'm not sure I can be in the same room as Minnie without doing something illegal.