Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A quick update

I've got a lot of people that have joined the fun with me on Facebook. So I'm betting a lot of y'all already know this. But that baby - the one that was only supposed to stay for three nights - he's going to be staying for a whole lot longer.

Several things have happened. First, the court order telling everyone that Mr. Wispy needed to move three hours away sort of dissolved I guess. Bio Mom is walking away (literally) from this case. She told the courts she wanted Wispy to stay with the original foster family (O.F.F. from here on out). Well, as you all know, the O.F.F. had to leave due to an emergency of some kind. I wasn't told much but I know they had to leave immediately for North Carolina.

Well, when the case changed, our agency called the O.F.F. right away and told them if they were back in less than two weeks, they could continue to care for Wispy. (Our agency has to get permission for any child to stay in respite longer than 14 days.) The O.F.F. decided that Foster Mom would drive back from North Carolina to care for Wispy. She said she'd be back this Saturday, the 14th.

I have a science camp scheduled on South Padre Island for TT and Bart this Thursday and Friday. As much as I've wanted to avoid moving Wispy, I knew that I really didn't want to juggle TWO babies on the island. And since Wispy was going to be going back to what he knew as home, I felt OK telling my agency they had to find a new respite home for him starting this Wednesday (tomorrow).

It was a nail biter but Rainbow (who is now my worker again because NotRainbow got fired) called me this afternoon to tell me a respite home had been found. All I was waiting for was to find out exactly when they could pick him up tomorrow.

Then I got a phone call that changed everything. The emergency that took the O.F.F. out of state was big enough that the O.F.F. decided to stop fostering and to close their home. Wispy officially needed a new "permanent" foster home. And since he was already with us, we got first dibs.

I called Mr. Amazing. We agreed to pray on it and ask the kids what they thought.

I also called Mr. Wispy's lawyer. Wispy is from several counties over and things are done differently there. I had actually talked with Wispy's lawyer yesterday to give her an update on Wispy for court that happened today. It was easy to call her back today and ask what was going on in the case. I told her I wanted to know if Wispy was going to be a good fit for us or not. I left a message because I knew she was in court.

Not only did Wispy's lawyer call me back - but she apologized for not calling sooner. All I could think was, "Please! You called me back! It was within a couple hours of when I left the message. I'm still in shock you actually called me!!"

Wispy's lawyer told me everything. She wasn't vague or misleading. She just laid it all out there. I thanked her and called Mr. Amazing with the update. We continued to agree to wait until we could talk to each other in person.

The low-down on the case though...Wispy's mom is walking out on him. Literally. She is moving out of state. She doesn't want to maintain visits. She's not going to work her case plan. In fact, Wispy's lawyer is pretty sure Mom was high at court today.

As of right now there is no family willing to take Wispy.

TPR (termination of parental rights) has NOT been discussed. I honestly don't know what the goals are in this case. It's still a very "young" foster care case. Wispy has only been away from his mom for about two months now. Nothing is going to happen immediately.

But we do know there will be no visits. And the judge where Wispy is from doesn't require his kids to come to court every time so I won't even have to drive over for that.

Mr. Amazing and I discussed things over dinner. Right now we are only agreeing to foster Mr. Wispy. After all, this is foster care. But we also know where this case might head and we're OK with that too. I sent Rainbow a text to let her know that we'll sign all the paperwork and make this official.

I've got permission to bring Wispy with us to South Padre Island. Somehow I'm going to do two babies at the beach.  :)

So that is that. We are now parenting two teens (each 17), two tweens (a 9yo and a 10yo) and two babies (both 1 year old - Daisy is 13 months and Wispy is 20 months).

Foster Care is one crazy roller coaster!!!


Speaking of roller coaster...have any of you heard about the book that is going to be released soon? It's called, Welcome to the Roller Coaster. It looks very interesting!


And last, I'd like to welcome all the new followers on my blog and on my Facebook page. Since there are so many new people, I figured I'd toss out another Q&A session. Comment away. Are there things you want to know about our family? About fostering? About adoption? Are there parts of our story that have been hard to follow or to catch up on? Ask away. In between diaper changes I'll do what I can to answer things.


Foster Mom - R said...

You sound excited about this Mama! Sounds like its good for your soul! Buckle Up!

G said...

Wow. Funny how sometimes the wheels don't seem to turn at all and then all of a sudden everything happens fast.

Will be praying for you at the beach this week!

thisjourneyofmylife said...

I'm following your blog through a feed reader and though I don't have any real questions, I thought it would be nice to say 'hi' anyway. So, hi!

Karen said...

I'm still waiting to learn more about Mr.CW ;)

I'd also love to hear how your teens and Tweens are handling the changes. Does TT know much of Wispys story? I see a protective big brother and a lot of Mr.Wonky to come since their stories both involve abandonment.

kis2and3 said...

As a fb holdout I just wanted to thank you for continuing to blog!

I am a single mom to an amazing daughter adopted from Russia. I would love to find a work-at-home option that would let us homeschool, and, eventually, open our home to other children. I just wondered what freelancing you did.

I've been reading for a while now!

Cherub Mamma said...

I'm sorry kis2and3 for not blogging as much. I know I've got several readers that don't use FB. I think the only detail I left out on "life" is how we ended up in the hospital.

Long story short - Daisy has been not sleeping at all. After crying for 4.5 hours straight on Saturday afternoon I hit my personal breaking point. I couldn't take another sleepless night to be followed with a crying day. I went to the ER.

The doctor in the ER listened to me and took me seriously. Basically I told everyone at the hospital that this was all about me. I needed a final decision that this was "Daisy's new normal" and I just have to deal with it. Or I needed a neurology consult and a medication change. I knew I couldn't do something like send Daisy to respite care without having this behavior checked out by a doctor, officially, one more time. Because shoot - any respite provider would take one look at a special needs baby with a shunt that cries all the time and doesn't sleep and insist they go to the doctor anyway. And since my husband and I are the medical consentors, I'd have to take her to the doctor or the hospital anyway. I decided to just do that first and get it out of the way.

As for my job, I'm a freelance graphic artist. I do just about everything but web design. I have carved out a niche for myself in the automotive service industry and have been working with car dealerships for nearly 15+ years. I also drop my business card everywhere and pick up some small business work as I go.

Thanks for reading and commenting!!

POWmom01 said...

Wispy's case sounds like my son's. My son never saw his biomom again after I took him home on 09/06/12. This was of course by her own choices and decisions. I was thankful to not have to deal with visits (we are kinship) but it hurts to know that she choose to ignore him during this time. But in the end I get to be his "Mama" and I am forever grateful for that.

I have been waiting for the foster care book for almost a year now!!! Can't wait to read all the different stories.