Monday, June 23, 2014

Court is tomorrow

I wish I could say I feel all rainbow-y and lollipop-y toward Kori (Daisy's bio mom). But I don't.

I desperately want to.

But I'm still very, very scared for Daisy's long-term health and well-being.

After I posted about grace, I met with Mr. CW. It really seems that Kori is in very deep denial. There is evidence against Bio Dad that Kori is refusing to believe. There are things that Bio Dad has admitted outright to CPS. I find it hard to believe that Kori doesn't know these details too. And if Bio Dad is allowed to have continued contact with Daisy, these details are incredibly concerning!

I know I'm being vague. Sorry.

Anything can happen tomorrow. Absolutely anything.
  1. The case could be dismissed and everything, absolutely everything, could go back to exactly how it was prior to the injury. Bio Dad is not in jail right now - Kori bailed him out immediately and he hasn't been formally charged yet. This is the scenario that frightens me the most. I'm completely beside myself with the fact that Bio Dad hasn't had to face any kind of justice for the heinous crime he committed.
  2. Daisy could go home to Kori on a monitored basis. This could play out several different ways.
  3. Or Daisy could stay with us and the transition home could be drug out for Lord only know how long.
Eventually, I'm sure Daisy will go home. Kori was not there when Daisy was hurt. Kori has done absolutely everything the State has asked of her. So unless she makes some kind of a "mistake", Daisy will go home.

It's that potential "mistake" that scares everyone involved.

Mr. CW said this is a textbook case. Just like something you read in the textbooks. Ya know, the kind where the kid goes home. The kid dies. Everyone covers their butts. And the caseworker takes the fall for not keeping the kid safe.

I want to believe that Kori will keep Daisy safe. I desperately want to believe it.

It's all up to the judge.

We will know more tomorrow.

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