Tuesday, June 3, 2014

C.r.A.Z.y. 'round these parts!!

I've been all over Facebook. I carry my phone with me everywhere. (I work from home and I need it to stay in touch with clients and, of course, my cherubs.) I've been posting on FB with my phone, but not on here. I'll play a little catch up.

Daisy is NOT sleeping. Not more than two hours at a stretch. It's maddening. I've tried E.V.e.R.y.t.H.I.n.G!!!! I'm going to call the neurologist again as soon as I'm done posting this. I called last week. I called yesterday. And they haven't even told me "no" to my request for a sleep aid for Daisy.

A foster family with our agency had an emergency come up on Friday last week. It wasn't a death - but it was incredibly serious. They needed to leave immediately for North Carolina. That meant my agency had to find emergency respite for their 9mo little girl and 20mo little boy (separate cases). We originally agreed to take the little girl for the weekend only until a longer term placement could be found. My agency switched things on us though and placed us with the 20mo little boy. I named him Mr. Wispy on FB. He's a tiny wisp of a thing with long, wispy, blond hair.

Mr. Wispy came in to Care about 45 days ago for the first time. Apparently he's from a couple counties over. I have to assume at the time of his placement there were no open homes willing to take him in his county. (He's absolutely adorable and very easy to care for overall. Somebody seriously missed out on a fun little boy.) Anyway, it was recently court ordered that Mr. Wispy be moved to a home where he's from so he can be closer to his bio mom.

Silly me. I thought they could take care of that the first part of this week.

I agreed to take Mr. Wispy through the weekend. I told my agency that my drop-dead date of caring for him was this Thursday. Surely they could get him moved to his new "permanent" home by then.

Silly me.

It's now Tuesday and I was asked if my agency was to pick him up on Wednesday or Thursday.

It seems my agency is perfectly OK with moving him from his first foster home, to me for a week, to someone else for another week or so and THEN to his final "permanent" foster home back in his hometown.

I informed my agency that I am uncomfortable with that. No baby needs to go through that many mommies. I said he can stay until they find a home 3 hours away.

They told me yesterday a home had been found.

They told me today that home fell through and we're back to square one.

Did I mention that Daisy isn't sleeping?

So, that's about life at my house. I've got two babies, two tweens and two teens.
(If a 9yo counts as a tween...HE thinks he's almost an adult most of the time.)

Now - to go call that neurologist again. I've tried twice while writing this and they don't pick up.


Bee said...

I just wanted to suggest tea tree oil for cradle cap, and I have 2 non-sleepers, for 2 different medical reasons. One we treat with Melatonin and a weighted blanket, the other is prescribed Hydroxyzine
(an antihistamine). Now we get 4-6 hours of sleep on bad nights, good nights we get 8-9. The Melatonin girl really didn't sleep 4 hours until age 2.

Cherub Mamma said...

I use a tea tree shampoo for the cradle cap. It has helped some.

Melatonin hasn't worked at all. The weighted blanket might. But I worry that it would be dangerous to her. She doesn't know how to push anything off her face and she does know enough to wiggle under a blanket.

I'm praying the neurologist will prescribe something to help with the sleeplessness. I'm positive it's due to the TBI. I've diagnosed her myself with "periodic limb movement disorder". It's like restless leg syndrome on all four limbs. She simply can't hold still. I think that's why she's waking every 1-2 hours. She can't stop thrashing about.