Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I really should be working....

I cannot believe I'm taking four children to the Island by myself tomorrow. It's not so much that I'm doing it all by myself as it is the fact that I've barely started packing and we have to leave by 6:30am and I still have to do some freelancing right now.

But I really want to answer Karen's comment:
I'd also love to hear how your teens and Tweens are handling the changes. Does TT know much of Wispys story? I see a protective big brother and a lot of Mr.Wonky to come since their stories both involve abandonment. 
How the cherubs are handling things:
  • Ricky = "Well, he's pretty mellow. It's no big deal. I bet you'd rather trade Wispy for Daisy, huh? Do you want to trade Wispy for me?" (Ricky's trauma past is incredibly significant.)
  • Herman =  He gets a kick out of having babies around. Much more so than I ever thought he would. He loves to make faces and make Wispy laugh.
  • TT = uuummmm....lots of protectiveness and LOTS (LOTS LOTS LOTS) of Mr. Wonky. You nailed that one on the head Karen.
  • Bart = He really just goes with the flow. He LOVES being a big brother. He was particularly out of sorts when Dude and Dolly left because it moved him back to being the youngest in the house and he did not like it. He is nervous about Daisy leaving for lots of reasons. But now that he knows Wispy is here, he thinks that's pretty cool. He'd like to have Wispy stay around forever.
  • Daisy = She's really starting to take an interest in Wispy. It's been awesome to see her react to him and want to be close to him.
Mr. Wonky has been thick in the house with TT. Big, huge, giant tantrums all over the place. Insomnia. Violent freak outs. It's been ugly.

On the flip side, TT is doing the hard work. When he flips (as we call it) he tries really hard to regulate quickly. He's not giving up. He's doing a good job of vocalizing his frustrations and fears even if all he can say is they are "big feelings". I'm super proud of him!

The next two days are going to be fun. TT and Bart have already done a field trip at the place where the science camp is being held. That will help TT with his anxiety tremendously! I got a nice hotel room for a decent price. And I'm pretty good at using my mei tai so I should be able to haul two babies around without too many problems. (I don't own a double stroller and I'm not buying one just yet.) I'm still not sure how things are going to work on the beach exactly. But TT and Bart have assured me that they will help!

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Karen said...

Thanks for taking time to answer. Even though I love that you've decided to let Wispy make your house his home, I've been worried about TT. It's good to hear he's working hard to deal with his big feelings!