Friday, June 27, 2014

Ricky went home this afternoon

CPS came for Ricky at 3:00pm sharp. Same as Wispy - no fanfare. No emotion. No nothing. I didn't have to sign anything. All I had to do was hand her Ricky's "education binder" and that was it.

But the difference between this Friday and last Friday?

Ricky can come back and visit any time.

In fact, Ricky drove my car over to his home with Rebecca and CPS followed him. Herman went along to help Ricky move. (Ricky has a LOT of stuff!!)

Ricky and Herman made their way back here about an hour later. Rebecca gave permission for Herman to stay the night so they loaded up the car again and took off. Ricky will bring Herman, and the car, back in the morning sometime.

It hardly feels like Ricky is gone yet. He'll be back in the morning. And he's already asked to stay the night on July 4th because he and Herman are going to a concert together.

I'm so happy for Ricky! This is the kind of happy ending I've been waiting for. Foster care has been beating me up lately. I'm glad I got to be a part of Ricky's life....even if he never really needed to be in foster care at all. He survived and I am blessed as a result.


Mandy Payne said...

So wonderful!!

G said...

Aw, love the tag on this one. "The System did something right." Even if it took too long.

Those cases do feel good. And glad it sounds like Herman and Ricky are still getting to spend some time together.

Annie said...

You all deserved that. Especially Rebecca. Being separated from a child she had come to love, and knew she'd helped, with the implication of being an abuser thrown into the mix. My heart has always gone out to her.

Sig said...

So refreshing to read that, very happy for ALL concerned!