Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shall we break down where your thinking went wrong?

I got a phone call yesterday letting me know that my agency has a new policy that just went in to place. We are now required to drive to our agency to pick up our per diem check and sign for it if we want to be reimbursed for this adventure called Foster Care.

My agency is 36.6 miles from my house. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to get there, depending on traffic. For the past 4.5 years I have received my per diem either in the mail or hand delivered by my worker during a routine home visit.

My agency informed me that someone, somewhere had a problem getting their check. I don't know what happened. But rather than deal with a mistake that happened once or twice, the state director made it an official rule that all checks have to be picked up by the foster family and signed for.

Needless to say, I was a bit ticked. But Rainbow told me it's pointless to argue. The director in our local office makes that commute daily so she's not going to understand why I don't want to make it one time per month.

Well, thinking like a logical person, I decided to call the state office for my agency. I figured I'd go to the decision makers with a solution to this problem. I simply called and said I had a question about per diem checks and that I wanted a phone call back.

They called me back and said that they passed my name on to the regional director. Told me to expect a call. I told the lady from the state office that the only reason I was calling was to find out when my agency was going to start using direct deposit for our per diem checks. I didn't complain. I wanted an answer to a simple question. She said she couldn't help me. I wasn't thrilled that my question was being passed down a level in the food chain. But I decided I'd wait and see what happened.

About 20 minutes ago I got a phone call from my local office.


I didn't want to talk to my local office. I wanted to talk to the person (or someone close to the person) that made this decision about having to pick up our per diem checks in person.

I mean, really...Rainbow is coming to my house tomorrow for a visit. Give me one good reason why she can't bring that check along with all the other paperwork she has to bring me!

The lady in our local office laughed a little and understood exactly what I was trying to do. She said she was going to redirect me to the state accounting department for our agency. I told her my entire point was to act professional and think responsibly. I wasn't calling to complain. I was calling with a solution to the problem that I faced.

I then had to call My Genius Sister. Sometimes, when crazy things like this happen, I just have to tell another thinking adult.
1. I called the State office for our agency to ask a simple, general question.
2. The State office directed me to the Regional Director.
3. The Regional Director didn't even call me. They just sent a message to the local office.
4. The local office called me and they can't answer my question or help at all.
I just wanted to be responsible and professional.

My Genius Sister then said, "Shall we break down where your thinking went wrong? You were being logical. And I'm not sure you can use the words responsible and professional when it comes to what you're dealing with."


G said...

That is ridiculous.

Our checks -- per diem and routine reimbursements -- are direct deposited on a set day of every month. They did recently change the deposit date (from early in the month to late in the month) because they weren't getting the money from the state in a timely manner and needed to be sure they had the money before they gave it to us.

It really shouldn't be that hard.

Annie said...

Absurd - I hope they will add on a travel allowance.

grkanga said...

Reading Fbook. Current hospital stay re Daisy. Encourage you to locate new brain doc now. (You have so much extra time, NOT). If Daisy leaves June 24 you can cancel apt. If Daisy stays there is less lag time. Glad you got referral to Ped out of hospital that will cope with vaccine restriction. Very concerned for you and your family.
Agency needs to deal with Wispy problem or hire a helper to go at their expense to the camp with you. GOOD LUCK!