Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yes...we have court tomorrow too

I'll be posting an update on today's court hearing with Daisy later on today. However, as is customary for me, I typically post the day before court with my thoughts and prayer requests. And guess what, Ricky has court tomorrow. So here are my thoughts...

The System is C.R.A.Z.Y. broken in his case. I mean, Daisy's is all a mess too. But Ricky's is seriously $%^&!!'d up.
  1. Emilia (Ricky's CPS caseworker) told him he was getting a new worker. I sent her an email two weeks ago and she confirmed he was getting a new worker. No one from CPS has been to see any of us nor has anyone called to introduce themselves. I don't know who is going to be speaking about this case from CPS tomorrow at all. Can you imagine how that makes Ricky feel? He doesn't even have the pleasure of knowing what person is going to screw him over tomorrow.
  2. Ricky is getting a new Guardian ad Litem too. Of course Emilia didn't bother to tell me this. She passed on the info to Ricky – who did not understand. And when I sent a very strongly worded email back to Emilia about the incredible importance of keeping me in the loop with information like this, she said he's getting a new GAL but she doesn't know who it is yet. So, yet again, someone will be representing Ricky and they will have never read the case or met their client.
Ricky knows his "plan" is Independent Living. He knows he's staying with us until he turns 18. I think he's even OK with this...well, as much as he can be anyway. Court is still stressful though. He knows that a bunch of people are making decisions about his life, his little brother's life (placed in a different foster home), and his mother's life.

Ricky is stressed out knowing that Daisy is likely to go home today. He's stressed out about his own court hearing tomorrow.

TT and Bart are equally stressed.

It's going to be a long week. I'll post an update later with results from Daisy's hearing.


Karen said...

Lots of prayers coming your way today. When you have a moment, haha, I don't think you ever shared with your blog-only readers about Wispy.

Duck Mommy said...

Praying hard for you & your's, Mamma!

Duck Mommy said...
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Duck Mommy said...

Praying hard for you & yours, Mamma!

grkanga said...

Ricky: Know that many people who have never seen you in person are caring very much about you and your future and believe in your strength.