Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fighting for every service...Part Two

See this post for the first part of the timeline.

I've been trying to get VI (Vision Impairment) services for Daisy since February 20, 2014 when the referral was sent to ECI (Early Childhood Intervention - a division of Easter Seals). I just found out today that the referral has finally been sent to the VI teacher at the schools. Of course, the schools are closed for the month of July so I won't hear anything until August.

But let me back up. Let me fill you in from May 19, 2014, when I left off on the other timeline.

On May 19, I had just spoken with Daisy's ECI case manager about the $50 fee the eye doctor wanted to fill out that super special form stating Daisy's visual impairment. She assured me she would talk to her supervisor about it and get back with me.

June came and went and the ECI case manager never called me or came to the home for her (required) monthly visit. I did see the Specialized Skills Trainer though on June 5. She encouraged me to call her supervisor and leave a message.

I called and left a message.
No reply.
I called back and left a very strongly worded message.

The supervisor finally called me back mid-month. She did some song and dance and tried to make it seem like all this was normal. I laid in to her pretty hard. I expressed the fact that the ONLY reason I wanted ECI involved with Daisy was because of these VI services. I expressed my concerns about how long this process had taken. I reminded her that I started this process in February and it was already four months later and nothing had happened at all concerning VI services.

The supervisor continued to sing and dance. When I hung up I didn't really feel like any progress had been made.

Sometime toward the end of the month the supervisor did call me back to tell me that they had finally gotten a purchase order approved for the $50 so this super special form could get filled out.

I just got a phone call this afternoon from Daisy's ECI case manager. She said they had received the super special form from the eye doctor and she had passed it along to the school district so Daisy could be referred for VI services. This case manager told me she left information with at least three different people in the school district.

The school district is closed for the month of July.
The case manager's last day with ECI is the 31st of this month.
I have to pray that someone does something because I don't have the name and number of the new case manager for Daisy nor do I have a name and number for any of the VI specialists in the school district.

It's going to take over six months to get these services started. In my opinion that is completely unacceptable. And I know I'll be lucky if anything actually starts in August.

You have to fight for every single service a special needs child requires.  It is exhausting.

Give a special needs parent a hug the next time you see them. Trust me. They need it.


Buzy Bee said...

Bless you for staying on top of this. Can't imagine how frustrating this would be.

G said...

It is frustrating. Because not only does it take way to long, you're talking about a child. So, every week and month that goes by is time wasted when they could be getting help or getting better or learning a skill or whatever the service is for.

Good for you for continuing to fight!

Annie said...

You are so right. How well do you feel Daisy's bio-mom would do with this?

Cherub Mamma said...

I honestly don't have a good feeling about Kori sticking with the interventions at all. But she does tell everyone right now that she fully intends to.

As far as reunification goes, these interventions (therapy and doctor's appointments) are a choice that Kori will get to make. The court cannot require her to continue with any of it once CPS is done with the case. It is a parental choice.