Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vague booking seems my vague booking has sparked a lot of interest.

I feel like I need to be VERY careful with what I post. That's why I MIGHT go private. I still haven't decided yet. I'm a creature of habit and I don't really want to mess with my blog and FB settings. I want to keep on blabbering like I have been for years.

I promise, if I go private I'll invite y'all along.

It seems everyone wants to know what happened today.
I'm not private yet so I guess I'll spill a little.

Last week Kori, Daisy's mom, had some difficulties describing Daisy's condition to the doctor when we were there for a follow-up. I passed along this information to both Mr. CW and Daisy's lawyer. These difficulties describing Daisy's condition point to Kori's level of denial.

Kori also felt the need to defend Bio Dad to the doctor.
And to Mr. CW for the hundred millionth time.

Denial...more than just a river in Egypt.

Daisy's lawyer wants to stop the weekend visits immediately.

Also, CPS is under the authority of a new head-head-honcho (HHH). The last HHH left to explore new employment opportunities with all the undocumented children crossing the border daily where I live. The last HHH is the one that changed the concurrent goal in Daisy's case to family reunification. Neither Mr. CW or his supervisor were in favor of this concurrent goal change but they couldn't do anything about it. The HHH made the switch back in March.

Well...Daisy's case just got staffed with the new HHH this week. The new HHH is VERY upset with all the things that have gone "wrong" in Daisy's case so far. She insists that the primary goal in this case remain relative conservatorship. She is not in favor of reunification at all. In fact, if the judge won't let them play with that primary goal, she wants to change the goal in the case to termination.

Keep in mind there are NO relatives stepping forward or approved to take Daisy permanently. Relative conservatorship (in Texas) means that a family member assumes full guardianship of the child but parental rights are not terminated. However, the guardianship is permanent unless the bio parent hires a lawyer to fight to get their kid back at a later date. It's also called PMC (permanent managing conservatorship).

I was officially asked today if we would consider being an adoptive resource for Miss Daisy.

I answered that we lean more toward "yes" than toward "no" when it comes to adoption.


Annie said...

I'll keep you in my prayers and encourage you to do all you can do to keep yourself (and Daisy) safe. (I know how frustrating and irritating it is. I truly do.) But, in your case it wouldn't necessarily need to be forever.

Sig said...

Praying very hard the courts will see how Daisy needs to stay with you. You know my EM ;)

charity said...

if you go private send me an invite. dolphinlover19892008 @

kate said...

Hooray for the new HHH!