Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm back from vacation

It was refreshing to leave the 100+ temps of Deep South Texas to enjoy some time with my family in Iowa. I was sad to leave Daisy behind but I didn't completely melt down at the drop off. In fact, I don't think I cried once over vacation. (So unlike the summer two years ago when I had to leave my three fosters behind because I was under investigation.)

For a little over a week my three forever cherubs played with their cousins and had a tremendous amount of fun. The "official" Cousins Camp (where ALL the cousins are there) lasted four days. We went to the Iowa State Fair, took a train ride on the Boone Scenic Railway, toured Living History Farms, and shivered a bit at an aquatic center in Ankeny. (Iowa was warm but not particularly hot enough for swimming the day we went. Nevertheless, I donned my swimsuit so my nephew could do a couple loops on the lazy river.)

I stayed in contact, though not daily, with Daisy's respite provider. Other than a minor 24-hour virus, Daisy had no issues. The respite provider reported that Daisy was a very happy baby and enjoyed all the attention she got at day care.

Mr. Amazing picked Miss Daisy up when he got off work yesterday. She was quiet and a little bit confused when she got home. And, as has been par for the course, she didn't want to be away from me at all. In fact, right now at this very minute, Miss Daisy has decided that she doesn't want to be in either of her bouncers and is screaming at the top of her lungs because I won't sit down and play with her.

I called Mr. CW on the car ride home just to check in. I don't have any new news per se. But he did tell me a few things of interest.

Kori called a meeting with Mr. CW's supervisor and the supervisor's boss. (Mr. CW was not invited to this meeting.) He hasn't had a chance to speak with his supervisor to learn any of the specific details of this meeting. However, he says all the people involved in this case in his office are confident that Daisy will remain in foster care after the trial on Tuesday next week.

Mr. CW puts it this way, "All we have to do is put Kori on the stand and let her talk. I trust Daisy's lawyer to do her job. Of course, Kori's lawyer will do all she can to make me look like a bumbling idiot. I'm prepared for that. But Kori just needs to talk until the judge throws up in his mouth a little. That will happen. That woman is something else."

Then Mr. CW dropped a bomb. I will see him in court on Tuesday but then he is off this case. Mr. CW has been promoted in the investigations department.

I'm sad for Daisy. She deserves continuity. Mr. CW is already her second worker. She's been through several at my licensing agency too. And by this fall, she'll be getting a new lawyer as well. When there is this much change, things fall through the cracks. And even though I have ALL the information anyone could need about Daisy, I'm *just* the foster parent.  I literally told Mr. CW, "Congratulations. suck!" Then I laughed a little. He told me he's very excited to get the promotion but he feels horrible about not being able to see Daisy's case all the way through. And really, I know he was telling the truth. It wasn't some line to make me feel better.

Well, Miss Daisy is still crying. I really need to give her a bath and do something productive with my day. I've got laundry and unpacking to do.

Please be in prayer for all the individuals responsible for Daisy's future. Tuesday is going to be a very big day. I go back and forth about what I personally think is going to happen. My logical brain says that Daisy needs to stay in foster care. Kori is STILL defending Bio Dad to everyone that will listen to her. (She gave the respite provider an earful about how wonderful he is and how he would never hurt Daisy.) She's still in incredible denial about how badly Daisy has been hurt. I believe that CPS is going to claim that even though Kori wasn't directly there when Daisy was injured enough to come in to foster care (you know...when Daisy almost died), Kori is unable to be trusted to protect Daisy from future abuse. Even though my logical brain thinks Daisy will stay in foster care, I've been wrong pretty much 100% of the time. She could leave abruptly and I could be done with foster care by the end of next week.

Thanks for the prayers. I'll keep y'all posted.


Annie said...

That is bad news regarding Mr. CW, but so very "Foster Care". If you get someone who knows what they are doing, they quit, are transferred or promoted seemingly just to make sure nothing positive actually occurs. Hate it.

Paige Lovelace said...

I will be praying for you all and i do every day!